For many women with PCOS, the most self-esteem damaging symptom they face is acne. The constant breakouts, the unsightly spots, make flawless skin seem like an unreachable dream.

What is the little known, over consumed culprit that wreaks havoc on your skin? SUGAR! Sugar causes a rapid spike in insulin levels. Higher insulin levels mean higher testosterone levels. Testosterone goes to work on the oil glands in your skin (especially on your face and upper chest) and inhibits normal shedding of the skin. Excessive oil, skin cells which retaintheir bonds abnormally to clog up the pore, and an increase in the number of acne -bugs' (Propionibacterium acnes) produce an ugly mess known as acne.

From pimply skin to perfect complexion!
Start today! Say no to this tempting, two-faced culprit that can both ruin your skin, while seductively and temporarily soothing your soul. Avoid refined sugar in all its disguises.

Like every other issue in PCOS, food is a powerful weapon. For achieving your dream of that perfect flawless skin – eat plenty of fibre, organic fruits and vegetables, and some gluten free whole grains. A multivitamin supplement will help heal your skin. Include Zinc, Vitamin A, C and E. Fish oils are also fantastic.

And don't forget the water! Drink plenty of pure, filtered water to help your skin cleanse itself and to stay hydrated.

What else can you do?
As insulin resistance increases testosterone, and higher testosterone levels contribute to increased acne, taking steps to improve insulin sensitivity is important. Eating well, avoiding refined foods, exercising, ensuring enough sleep, decreasing stress levels and including nutrients such as chromium, magnesium and fish oil help here.

Liquorice root (glycyrrhiza) has been shown to be effective in decreasing testosterone levels.
A natural topical antibacterial skin lotion may also help to reduce your acne.
There are certainly easy steps you can take to improve the look and feel of your skin, and make acne a thing of the past.
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Dr Rebecca Harwin is an international author, PCOS expert and experienced clinician who has been helping women improve their health for many years.