Pam Anderson Girl On The Loose, new reality tv show

Pam Anderson Girl On The Loose, new reality tv show

Pam: Girl On The Loose

Pam Anderson jets into Australia today with her own reality TV crew!

Ahead of her highly anticipated observational documentary series, Pam: Girl on the Loose, Miss Anderson touches down in Australia today and is expected to be bringing along her E! reality TV camera crew. Bra-busting Pam has kept the world guessing just what, and how much, shell reveal in the new series which will be hitting Australia on E! Network this September

Whether she's bounding down a Baywatch beach, jet-setting with rebellious rock 'n' rollers, taking a serious stance for PETA or in cahoots with a love-crazed kidnapping Kazak by the name of Borat, Pamela Anderson has always kept the world guessing.

Which is exactly what she'll keep on doing in Pam: Girl on the Loose, the new documentary series that, well, tries to keep up with one of entertainment's most unpredictable icons.

Click on the image below to watch the sensational clip promoting Pam: Girl on the Loose! In the clip Pamela appears completely in the buff, except for a pair of gold stilettos.