Outback Opal Hunters (Season 8)

Outback Opal Hunters (Season 8)

Season 8 of Outback Opal Hunters witnesses the rise of a new generation of opal miners. As the old guard of grizzled veterans like the Bushmen are pushed to breaking point in search of the queen of gems, untested young bloods take up the challenge. The brand new Mooka Boys battle against the apocalyptic outback, alongside rookie outfit the Misfits and thick as thieves family teams the Tarantos, Blacklighters and Opals Whisperers.


Prototype machines and untested mining methods face off against the soul-destroying Australian elements. Epic dust storms, overwhelming floods and insufferable heat will take each team to the brink, desperate to pry free every precious speck of the rainbow gem from the depths of the earth. The Young Guns are torn from their comfort zones and dumped into unfamiliar opal fields, the Cheals battle to claw their way back from the edge of ruin, and the Bishop strives to fulfil his sacred mission.


Relationships break as bad machinery, and even worse decisions strip cash reserves to the bone. The opal is rarer, the buyers more brutal. This season only the toughest and most cunning opal hunters will survive.


Season 8 of Outback Opal Hunters

Thursday, 24th February at 8.30pm AEDT