Chocolate Workshops

Chocolate Workshops

The Scrumptious Secret Is Out. A Delicious, Decadent Destination For All Of Your Senses Is Hiding In Southern NSW

Small Town NSW Mumpreneur is a finalist in national AusMumpreneur Awards

The scrumptious secret is out. A delicious, decadent destination for all of your senses is hiding in Southern NSW.

Small Town NSW Mumpreneur is a finalist in national AusMumpreneur Awards.

Cassandra Hamel started Milton Country Retreat "The Chocolate Cotttages' with her husband Christopher. She wanted to provide people with an indulgent, luxurious and bespoke escape from the real world by providing luxury accommodation in a retreat-like setting coupled with delicious, decadent and creative chocolate experiences.

Cassandra says: "Time away for people is so incredibly precious, just dreaming of a holiday can help you cope with the mundane day to day routines of life, so I wanted to create something to be excited about and to truly look forward to."

Cassandra launched her chocolate workshops at the retreat last year. She started with one workshop and now provides 7 different courses to guests.

Workshops on offer:
Chocolate Workshop and Vintage High Tea- An Elegant Afternoon: 4 hours
Chocolate Experience Picnic Workshops: 4-5 hours
Chcocolate Decadent Night Course: 2-3 hours
Chocolate Decadent Day Time Course: 2-3 hours
Learn how to Temper: 2.5 hours
Make your own unique chocolate block: 1.5 hours

Chocolatier and 'The Chocolate Cottages' owner Cassandra is a finalist for the AusMumpreneur Business Excellence Award in NSW. She was also a finalist in the Stayz Most Valuable Property Awards in 2017.

Cassandra's biggest business lesson has been to learn how to delegate.

"I realised that I can't do everything. For the first couple of years running our business I was the cleaner, marketing manager, office worker, chocolatier, SEO specialist, social media manager and not to forget a mother & a wife. I felt at the time I had to control everything in order to grow, save costs were I can. But as the business has grown I have passed some of the duties now on to others and it was the best decision I have made so far. I now realize you can't grow unless you relinquish some of your business duties to professional, so you can dedicate your time and skills in more opportunistic ways."

Cassandra is thrilled to be a finalist in the AusMumpreneur Business Excellence Awards.

Cassandra adds: "Our business is in a very remote area of Morton (near Milton NSW) so I was utterly delighted to have been nominated as a finalist against other extremely successful and talented business women in Australia. I felt it was a lovely recognition for all my hard work and give us an opportunity to introduce our business to a larger demographic. Being a finalist gives me the opportunity to meet and network with other likeminded business women and I'm thoroughly looking forward to going to VIC for the conference and workshops."

Cassandra hopes to grow and expand Milton Country Retreat's luxury accommodation and unique chocolate experiences.

Cassandra concludes: "We have such a profoundly beautiful property with stunning views of Pigeon House Mountain, it just wouldn't be right to keep it all to ourselves."

Cassandra juggles her business with motherhood and says that she will always have 'mummy guilt' as growing a business is like growing a baby and needs time and investment. The Mumpereneur admits to dropping the odd ball but she believes that her children will be encouraged to work hard from watching her. And of course, there's always chocolate around.

Guests receive complimentary chocolate creations hand made by chocolatier Cassandra.

If Chocolate workshops and complimentary chocolate creations are not enough, there are champagne chocolate picnics with heavenly scenery and country cottages to match.