Nivea Pure Effect BB Cream

Nivea Pure Effect BB Cream

Nivea Pure Effect BB Cream


Achieve a flawless complexion skin with Nivea Pure Effect BB Cream.


Nivea understands that sometimes it can take countless hours and products to achieve a flawless complexion. As the trusted skincare experts, Nivea has developed the ultimate solution with its Pure Effect BB Cream, a 2-in-1 day cream, which evens your skin tone for a natural looking radiant complexion. Nivea Pure Effect BB cream is a time saving alternative on days when you'd prefer to go foundation free.

Nivea Pure Effect BB Cream is enriched with ingredients to achieve a flawless complexion, featuring:
Magnolia Extract: used because it contains high amounts of Magnolol and Honokiol elements, which provide both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to prevent impurities
Tinted pigments to help even the skin's natural tone and refine your complexion

Nivea Pure Effect BB cream offers a range of benefits:
Evens skin tone - creates a more even complexion, blending perfectly with your natural skin tone
Matte Finish – Easily absorbed for a mattified finish
Hydration– intensely hydrates and reduces dehydration lines for smoother, younger looking skin

The Nivea Pure Effect range – including the BB cream – is based on anti-blemish and moisturising ingredients. Combining Magnolia Extract and Hydra IQ which work together to prevent impurities as well as nourish the skin. As trusted skincare experts Nivea has created the Pure Effect range to seamlessly blend into every woman's daily beauty regime.

Ensuring small areas of irregularity are covered and resulting in an even complexion, Nivea Pure Effect BB Cream is a day-to-day essential, helping you to reap the rewards of nourished, radiant and naturally flawless skin.

RRP: $9.95

NIVEA understands and cares for your skin. As one of the world's most loved and trusted skincare brands, Nivea offers women and men effective skincare solutions and has been doing so for over 100 years. Its products cleanse, nourish and protect skin, while giving it exactly what it needs – gentle yet effective care that keeps skin smooth, supple and radiantly beautiful. Nivea has a better understanding of skin and women's skincare habits and is here to help you enjoy better skincare.

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