Nimue Skin Technology Active Hand Repair

Nimue Skin Technology Active Hand Repair

Help Fight Premature Ageing with Nimue Active Hand Repair

One can often determine another's age by the state of their hands. Skin on hands becomes wrinkled and riddled with sun spots due to a lifetime of exposure to the sun far more quickly than the rest of our body as we don't usually apply the same amount of care in protecting them as we do with the skin on our face. General day-to-day activities such as driving means that hands are constantly bombarded by UV exposure and therefore tend to age faster than other parts of our body and tend to show a person's true age.

Nimue Skin Technology, a scientifically developed range, has come out with an Active Hand Repair, which has been specifically formulated to help eliminate and control the problem of 'age spots', premature ageing and pre cancerous lesions on the back of hands and arms. Used regularly, the Nimue Active Hand Repair can help maintain healthy and beautiful, soft, spot-free hands and over a period of time will help reverse environmental damage. The unique combination of 20% Kigelia Africana, 3% triple hydroxy acid complex, Tocopheryl acetate and Retinyl palmitate ensure that this cream is actively working to diminish signs of ageing.

The Kigelia Africana is a native South African Sausage Tree. "This is an extremely rare tree-based ingredient, indigenous to Africa, that has been shown to have anti-cancer properties," says Professor Aubrey Parsons, developer of Nimue.

Nimue Active Hand Repair is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, healing, regenerating, filled with antioxidants and won't leave the skin feeling greasy and shiny. It will also work to strengthen nails.

Nimue Skin Technology also recommends the use of Nimue Face SPF 30+ or Nimue Sport SPF 30+ over Active Hand Repair on the back of hands for the ultimate in protection and skin cancer prevention.

RRP $56.55 for 100ml.
Nimue Active Hand Repair is available through salons nationally, For stockists information call Nimue Skin Technology on 02 9420 0666 or visit: