Nickelodeon October Highlights

Spongebob Squarepants Halloween Stop-Motion Special

Saturday at 4.30pm

It's Halloween in Bikini Bottom and to celebrate we're sharing an exclusive full-length stop-motion episode of SpongeBob SquarePants featuring all your favourite characters. In the stop-motion special, The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom, the Flying Dutchman wreaks havoc on the town, making sure everyone is scared – even SpongeBob!


The Loud House                 

Weekdays at 4.30pm

This October, everyone's favourite family is back with six brand new episodes! Tune in to The Loud House on weekdays at 4.30pm. 
Ever wonder what it's like to grow up in a big family? Eleven-year-old Lincoln Loud gives viewers an inside look at how to survive the chaos of a huge household, especially as the only boy with ten sisters! Lincoln's best friend Clyde is an only child and is always willing to take part in Lincoln's schemes.


Game Shakers                 

Mondays to Thursdays at 5.30pm

From the creator of Henry Danger, Sam & Cat, iCarly, Victorious, and Drake & Josh, kid-favourite Game Shakers is back in October with brand new episodes full of exciting adventures and apps.


Toon Marty                   

Weekdays at 4pm

This animated comedy follows Marty, the giant fibreglass mascot atop the local ToonMart. Marty is surprisingly zapped to life in a freak accident and is free to do as he pleases. Busybody Marty goes on madcap adventures as he explores Toonville and interacts with everyone with wide-eyed enthusiasm.


Bunsen Is A Beast                   

Monday at 4.30pm

Get ready for two worlds to collide with this special crossover episode between Bunsen Is A Beast and The Fairly OddParents. The episode features your favourite characters from both shows!

In the special episode, Beast of Friends, it's Bunsen and Cosmo's Friend-iversary, so Bunsen excitedly takes Mikey to meet him in Dimmsdale, while Amanda secretly follows. The group has a great time until Amanda teams up with the evil school teacher from Fairly OddParents, Mr. Crocker, and together they try to take everyone down.