Nickelodeon May Highlights

Australian Premiere Series Launch
Sundays at 8.30am from Sunday, 17 May

Blake Myers, a fearless, adventure-seeking kid races headlong into all of life's experiences along with his best friend Mitch. What's impressive about Blake is that he lives for today, despite knowing the awesomeness that awaits him in the future: Blake is destined to become a courageous Space Ranger and protector of humankind against a marauding race of …ALIEN squirrels! These alien squirrels – or 'Squaliens" – have been sent from the future by their Squalien General. Their mission: is to make sure Blake Myers never grows up to be Blake Myers, Space Ranger. Hero. Defeater of Squaliens. From their super high-tech command centre – now cunningly disguised as a regular earth tree in Blake's backyard – the Squaliens must use everything they have at their disposal to put an end to Blake Myers. Only Blake and Mitch are aware of the alien squirrels' existence and together, must fight this battle on their own. But the Squaliens soon discover that stopping Blake Myers isn't as easy as it sounds…


Australian Premiere Episodes
Saturdays at 6pm from Saturday, May 9 as part of Nickelodeon's All New Saturdays

What happens when you put a superstar snowboarder and a scientific genius under one roof? You're about to find out! When Max Asher moves to a snowy ski-town to live with Alvin "Shred" Ackerman and his family, an unlikely friendship forms. Max loves to hit the slopes and Shred loves to hit the books. But even though these two dudes are totally different, they've always got each others' backs. There's no problem this unlikely duo can't handle.


Australian Premiere Episodes
Saturdays at 5.30pm from Saturday, May 2 as part of Nickelodeon's All New Saturdays

Middle schooler, Bella Dawson (played by newcomer Brec Bassinger) left her life as a popular cheerleader behind to join the Bulldogs as their new star quarterback.Trading in her pom-poms for a pigskin was a total dream come true, but now Bella must find a balance between football and her cheerleading BFFs. Does she have what it takes to overcome the doubters and lead her team to victory, without compromising who she is? And what will happen when those worlds collide? In this new comedy Bella Dawson , a confident, caring and talented teenager, suddenly finds herself fulfilling a lifelong dream but also having to navigate the world of her teammates Troy (Coy Stewart), Sawyer (Jackie Radinsky) and Newt (Buddy Handleson), without losing her two best friends, Pepper (Haley Tju) and Sophie (Lilimar Hernandez) from the cheer squad.