National Healthy Bones Week

National Healthy Bones Week

Dairy Australia is calling on all Australians to -wake up their bones with breakfast' by hosting their own dairy rich breakfast during National Healthy Bones Week, 1-7 August. To help inspire Australians to create calcium rich breakfasts, Dairy Australia has this week launched the 2011 National Healthy Bones Week website, The website provides dairy rich breakfast ideas and information on ways to build and maintain healthy bones.

National Healthy Bones Week is an annual event, which this year will focus on the importance of a calcium rich breakfast for bone health. This follows a new Australian study which showed participants who skipped breakfast were less likely to meet the dietary recommendations for dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt, which are the major contributors of calcium to the diet.

Visitors to the National Healthy Bones Week website will find innovative 7 day calcium meal planners, which show different age groups how to achieve their calcium requirements. The meal planners provide dairy rich recipe ideas for all ages that are easy to follow and quick to create.

Three serves of dairy foods every day will provide most Australians with the calcium they need to build and maintain strong bones. A serve is equal to 250ml milk, a 200g tub yogurt or 40g of cheese.

Established in 1994, National Healthy Bones Week raises awareness of the important role calcium-rich foods, such as dairy, have in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and prevention of osteoporosis throughout life. The campaign educates Australians on the importance of developing and maintaining strong bones and encouraging active steps towards a healthier bone mass via the consumption of a calcium-rich diet, including dairy foods.
National Healthy Bones Week is organised by Dairy Australia.

Weekly Calcium Meal Planners are available at the new National Healthy Bones Week website. For more information and access to the 2011 National Healthy Bones Week website visit