Personalised DNA Report

What's more interesting than finding out about your own DNA and how it affects your weight and food-consumption? I can hear you say nothing (I agree). I am well aware that our body is a result of our lifestyle, choices and environment but I know our genes play a huge role too.

The whole myDNA process is easy peasy (if I can do it, anyone can); I chose the Personalised Diet report which looks at seven genes and how they relate to weight management and overall health because I believed it was the perfect place to start in my gene journey.

The process included the kit arriving, at my door, I did a cheek swab sample (which is easier than it sounds) posted the report back to myDNA and very soon after my sample had been received, processed and I was booking in a call with myDNA to have my results explained. The turnaround time was 10 days. How quick is that?

Prior to looking at the report in the online portal a lovely consultant from myDNA called me to explain the report and my results on the phone – which is highly necessary when we're talking genes such as: FTO, PPARG, ADIPOQ, MTIF3 and APOA5, LIPC, FADS1.

The report is clearly presented online and in downloadable form which is why it's so easy to understand what your own genes mean, particularly for your food consumption. The report and online portal shows a comprehensive set of your own genetic findings and how they relate to the general population which gives an in-depth insight into how our body works alone and in comparison. In saying that it's easy to understand it also provides the scientific definition and explanation of all the results too, which is very interesting! Also most importantly for weight maintenance and loss is their serving size recommendations and meals created from your own genetic results.

It's a week on and I've already put changes into play as I was consuming too much good-fats and too little carbohydrates. Although luckily for me, it seems I have quiet good genes as I was in the Normal/Moderate Chance for most genes categories (woohoo)! I am well aware that others, who've had the same test, are not as lucky and their results for the FTO gene (the appetite gene) meant they don't feel full in their brain's control centre. I have a moderate chance of obesity associated with the ADIPOQ gene which produces a hormone called adiponectin that is involved in fat burning. This gene is linked to obesity and other obesity-related conditions which now I'm aware of, I can be extra careful with.

If you want to try the kit, you can at and for $20 off a kit of your choice, use the code: BROOKE20 which brings the Personalised Diet report to $79.
-Brooke Hunter