My Bod Certified organic anti-ageing eye serum

My Bod Certified organic anti-ageing eye serum

bod's anti-aging eye serum is an all natural product which targets the critical eye area.

This night serum will assist in the reduction of those tired lines around the eye area and lift the general appearance of the skin. including kakadu plum direct from outback Australia, known to have one of the highest plant sources of age fighting vitamin c in the world, it has 50 times more ascorbic acid than citrus fruit.

Vitamin c is one of the most important antioxidants for skin care and helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen. Australian blue cypress, sweet orange, geranium and neroli essential oils help to assist in the reduction of redness, tired lines and skin blemishes.

'The skin around our eyes is about 10 times thinner than on the rest of our face'
It also has less oil glands which causes a lack of natural moisture in the skin. Therefore, it needs special attention and a separate anti aging eye cream or serum. Your normal facial moisturiser could be too oily and heavy for the delicate eye area. This can cause milia, those white bumps under the eyes!

'Our eyes are the windows to our soul and one of the most important features of our face'
The skin around our eyes shows the first signs of aging due to poor diet, toxicity, a lack of sleep, stress and environmental factors like sun exposure. With age our hormonal levels change (especially in women). Lower levels of oestrogen causes dry skin and less elasticity which causes saggy, wrinkly skin. A natural supplement can help combat that.

Our eyes also displaying our emotions like happiness, sadness or anger. Together these factors contribute to premature aging, saggy skin, lines and wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles.

The ingredients
Kakadu plum (terminalia ferdinandiana) is the world's richest source of natural vitamin c.
Kakadu plums are recognized as valuable "Australian bush tucker" due to the high vitamin content. Australian indigenous aboriginal people have used the kakadu plum as a natural food and medicinal source for thousands of years. It has been identified world wide as the single natural food source with the highest vitamin c content on the planet! It contains 3000mg of vitamin c per 100g of fruit. Oranges, on the other hand, contain just 50mg of vitamin c per 100g of fruit.

Vitamin c is required for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. It is especially necessary in the formation of collagen, an important protein used by the body to generate new skin cells. Vitamin c is essential for the healing, repair and maintenance of skin and body tissue.

Vitamin c is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants are nutrients that block damage caused by free radicals which age the skin through exposure to pollutants.

Blue cypress the Australian aborigines knew of the amazing skin moisturizing properties of blue cypress for thousands of years; they used it to protect their skin from the harsh desert climate. In aromatherapy circles, the oil is sometimes referred to as the "abc" essential oil - "Australian blue cypress".

Sweet orange essential oil is uplifting, it rejuvenates your skin, is excellent for wrinkles and discolored skin.

Geranium is indispensable aromatherapy oil. It's one of the best skincare oils, offering relief from congested, oily and dry skin. On an emotional level, geranium promotes stability and balance.

Neroli used as part of a regular skin care routine, neroli improves elasticity, stimulates new cell growth, reduces thread veins, softens wrinkles and scars, and smells absolutely divine. The perfect skin care oil!

The application technique using the middle finger (this is the weakest finger for least pressure) lightly apply a small amount of anti aging serum around the eye area, being careful to avoid the eye. to aid the absorption, massage the product in a circular motion. apply each evening before any other skin care.

My Bod Certified organic anti-ageing eye serum
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