More Than Once A Night Man

More Than Once A Night Man

More Than Once A Night Man

AFL legend and Footy Show star Sam Newman has been searching for public loos in Melbourne, as part of his support for a new men's health campaign.

He has teamed up with Foundation 49: Men's Health to star in a new video that showcases some of the symptoms that men may experience when they have an enlarged prostate. Known medically as benign prostatic hyperplasia (or BPH) the condition can be characterised by the need for frequent urination during the day, and having to visit the bathroom more than once during the night.

The video sees Sam take on the -More than once a night man' challenge to experience what men with BPH go through. He is woken repeatedly in the night to visit the bathroom and alerted throughout the day – at golf, at work and at footy training – to urgently find a public toilet.

The -More than once a night man' campaign encourages older Australian men with bothersome urinary symptoms to see their general practitioner.

Newman says he agreed to support the campaign because BPH is yet another condition that has low awareness but affects a large number of Australian men.

'There are lots of issues and problems that men should be more proactive in talking to their GP about. This issue of enlarged prostates is another one of those. Blokes can be a bit slow to get to their doctor to discuss symptoms. Hopefully this campaign can change that as guys start to think about how their quality of life is affected by frequent loo visits and going to the bathroom multiple times during the night," said Newman.

Men's health experts say that regular rushed trips to the bathroom can be a key symptom of an enlarged prostate.

Urologist and spokesperson for Foundation 49: Men's Health (an initiative of Cabrini Health), Mr Adam Landau says. 'Some men may be unaware of the symptoms of prostatic enlargement. Frequent urination may be a manageable symptom, not just a part of getting older."

'Prostatic enlargement can affect urinary and bladder function. This can be bothersome, and at times cause anxiety and embarrassment," said Mr Landau. 'It's important that men suffering from these symptoms consult their doctor, so that management options can be discussed, and referral to a urologist made if required."

Around one in three Australian men aged over 50 suffer from an enlarged prostate.

The national campaign is sponsored by GSK. It is comprised of radio advertisements, a community service TV spot, bathroom posters, a dedicated website and print advertisements. People interested to find out more can visit