Mona Foma 2019

Mona Foma 2019

January. Launceston, Tasmania.

MUSIC Neneh Cherry (SWE) + Underworld (UK) + Oneohtrix Point Never: Myriad (USA) + Mulatu Astatke and The Black Jesus Experience (ETH/AUS) + Julia Holter (USA) + Jonathan Bree (NZ) + Courtney Barnett (AUS) + Nakhane (ZAF) + Hańba! (POL) + Les Filles de Illighadad (NER) + Southeast Desert Metal (AUS) + WWWater (BEL) + Yirinda (AUS) + Satu Vänskä and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (FIN/AUS) + group A (JPN)
ART Kenny Pittock (AUS) + Heath Franco (AUS) + Lou Conboy (AUS) + Lou Hubbard (AUS) + Margie Livingston (USA)
+Parer Studio (AUS) + Pete Matilla (AUS) + Rosie Deacon (AUS)
Dana Gingras + group A + Sonya Stefan (CAN/JAP) +, Stompin (AUS) + Tasdance (AUS)
EVENTS Faux Mo + Morning Meditation + free programming at Albert Hall: Robin Fox installation and late night concerts (Fri - Kuniko Kato (JAP) + Sabu Orimo (JAP), Sat - Robin Fox (AUS) + Ensemble Offspring (AUS)) + more.

This January, Launceston will bear witness to its first-ever Mona Foma"with its signature brand of unexpected, unpredictable and curious programming descending on the state's second-largest city.

Brian Ritchie said: "After ten years of blowing people's minds in Hobart and three wins as Best Contemporary Music Festival in Australia, we're taking the show on the road to Launceston. Similar to the actual A1, this road trip is fraught with potential danger but also a sense of adventure. Not only musical and artistic adventure but also cultural and social. Our partner, the Tasmanian State Government (aka citizens and taxpayers), has asked Mona Foma to help it break down the Berlin Wall/Mason-Dixon Line/Demilitarised Zone that runs through the state, using music and art as the battering ram.

"So, whether you're from the south of Tasmania or a local Launcestonian, from any other TAS-locale, from the so-called Mainland, whether you're international or intergalactic"we ask you to support this endeavour, not only for the kick-ass musical anarchy and artistic abandon that epitomises Mofo, but also to help us with this social engineering stunt. The utopian ideal we all desire for Tasmania hinges upon our success."

Every year Mona Foma invites a new audience to experience the festival. This year it is the Amish of Lancaster County.

Brian said: "We've put up a bunch of billboards around Pennsylvania, inviting the local Amish to the festival"for free. We haven't received any emails from them yet, but we're hopeful some will take up our offer." Legendary Swedish singer, songwriter and sometimes rapper Neneh Cherry will bring her post-punk-to-pop-star glory to the Mofo stage, fresh off the back of her 2018 release Broken Politics . Welsh electronic group Underworld will unleash a live show of rare spectacle accompanied by their signature euphoric, thumping sound.

In a spectacular intersection of music, theatre and art, imagined from the perspective of an alien intelligence that has absorbed the entire history of our planet, Oneohtrix Point Never and his ensemble bring you MYRIAD: a grand, four-part performance of medieval folk, electronic dance music, R&B, and science fiction-esque visuals. Ethio-jazz godfather Mulatu Astatke and the Black Jesus Experience bring traditional Ethiopian music fused with jazz and Afro-Latin grooves to Launceston; while indie rock darling, reformed Tasmanian and raconteur of the Australian ugliness Courtney Barnett returns to her homeland with a specially curated set.

New Zealand's indie, chamber pop favourite Jonathan Bree brings cross-genre, electro-meets-classical gems; South African singer, actor and author Nakhane brings magisterial electro pop, choral soul, warped gospel, and dancefloor glam; all-female Les Filles de Illighadad bring psychedelic Saharan desert rock from Central Niger, and dreamy chamber pop darling Julia Holter will play from her latest record, Aviary.

Launceston local heroines Bansheeland will grace the stage with their signature brand of stoner rock, grunge and psychedelia; metal-heads Southeast Desert Metal will join Mona Foma from Santa Teresa in central Australia, home to the Arrernte people.

Beyond the boundaries of Mofo HQ at Inveresk Precinct, some of Launceston's iconic spaces will play host to the festival program. The majestic Cataract Gorge Reserve will be home to the massive Man installation by Parer Studio, and host a daily series of reflective Morning Meditations led by Mona Foma musicians. The city's very own Albert Hall will come alive with a series of aural-enhancing events including the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra with Finnish Australian violinist Satu Vänskä , an epic laser installation by audio-visual artist Robin Fox and free late night concerts by Ensemble Offspring, Kuniko Kato and Sabu Orimo.

Mona's curators present an all-Australian visual art line-up: Heath Franco , Kenny Pittock , Lou Hubbard , Rosie Deacon and Lou Conboy. Works explore themes ranging from Australian suburbia and sentimentality to the myth of Sisyphus, and will be shown at Mofo HQ, in the historic Launceston Workers Club"a snooker den founded in 1865"Sawtooth ARI, and in surprise locations throughout the city.

The much-loved Faux Mo will wrap up Friday and Saturday nights in a party celebrating all things small town, big dick.

Mona Foma 2019 runs from 13-20 January in Launceston, Tasmania. Tickets available from midday Monday 15 October 2018 from