Molton Brown Anti-ageing Bodycare Collection

Molton Brown Anti-ageing Bodycare Collection

Molton Brown Anti-ageing Bodycare Collection

Molton Brown's innovative Skincare and Anti-ageing Bodycare collection harnesses active ingredients from around the world. Comprising high performance products which deliver clinically proven results, the new no-nonsense, low maintenance range is engineered to help significantly improve the skin's health and ageing process.

The collection features cleansers, toners, moisturisers, target products for eyes and lips, an SPF as well as antiageing lotions for the hands, body and décolletage. Collectively this innovative new range is designed to help achieve naturally balanced, beautiful and radiant skin from head to toe.

The collection makes skincare easy as it offers a streamlined routine, which can be followed in five steps:
Step One – Clean: First thing's first: cleansing. Get this wrong and your skin will be unbalanced, whatever you apply. Molton Brown has the perfect solution – simply cleanse skin with Kalahari Melon Cleansing Fluid (including safflower oil, rich in vitamin E) for normal to dry skin or Malachite Cleansing Gelle (with purifying lime fruit) for normal to oily skin to help remove make-up, excess oils and impurities.

Step Two – Prep: The right toner is just as important as any step in your skincare regime. Without this step, skin won't be fully cleansed and you won't get the best out of your moisturiser. Molton Brown's Tamarind Fruit Refining Toner (with Tamarind fruit seed and comforting aloe vera) for normal to dry skin and Pink Toronja Refining Toner (featuring lime fruit and honeysuckle) for normal to oily skin helps remove any final traces of dirt, gently exfoliates and primes the skin ready for moisturistaton.

Step Three – Hydrate: The clinically proven anti-ageing hydra-crèmes are charged with active ingredients to target the visible signs of ageing for firmer, smoother looking skin. All skin types are covered so you can choose from the Creole Grass Anti-ageing Hydra-crème (containing miracle tree seed to help protect from pollutants) for dry skin, Rosa Fruit Anti-ageing Hydra-crème (with Enantia chlorantha bark to help minimise the appearance of pores and wrinkles) for oily skin and Peruvian Maca Anti-ageing Hydra-crème (featuring hydrating Tamarind fruit seed) for normal skin.

Step Four – Shield: To help combat the signs of ageing, it's all about protecting skin from sun damage. With this in mind, Molton Brown has developed the NEW Facial Sunshield SPF30 – which is made up of plant-based sun filters designed to naturally absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays. The hero ingredients of Indian karanja tree seed oil and pongamia extract create an age-defence barrier that avoids the use of harsh chemicals or heavy formulations which clog the pores. Unique in its lightweight texture, this product quickly sinks into the skin and gives an overall matte finish, whilst the SPF30 assures a high-level sun protection as part of a daily skincare routine.

Step Five – Target: Think of target products as pocket-sized treats for the skin. To help reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lips, the Pep-rich Lip Booster contains collagen-boosting peptides and African mango and papaya extracts to promote plumper, softer lips. The clinically proven Vita B3 Eye Concentrate contains vitamin B3 and ashbark to help fight dark circles and puffiness, as well as tetra peptides to soften fine lines and wrinkles. So say hello to your new handbag essentials!

The Anti-ageing Bodycare Range

Complementing the Skincare collection and extending the benefits further, Molton Brown is also introducing a clinically proven, Anti-ageing Bodycare range. To help fight wrinkles, uneven skin tone and creases that make skin look older, the three-piece range contains the secret ingredient, Polynesian kopara – a highly purified marine extract from the Polynesian atoll of Moorea. This exopolysaccharide is naturally rich in essential minerals (potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium) and helps maintain a healthy skin water balance, whilst protecting the body from pollutants that lead to ageing skin when blended with other ingredients.

The Polynesian Kopara Anti-ageing Neck & Décolletage Crème contains mineral-rich Polynesian kopara combined with a sugar pea complex to help even out skin tone, peptides to minimise wrinkle appearance and paracress for firmer, smoother looking skin. For hands, the Polynesian Kopara Anti-ageing Hand Crème promotes strong, healthy nails through a blend of red algae, nutmeg, apple and daisy for firmer skin and a more even skin tone. The Polynesian Kopara Anti-ageing Body Crème is proven to offer instant and long-term moisturisation through deep hydration, with brown seaweed to firm and protect from pollution, and oat polyoses to help tone.

Molton Brown's innovative Skincare and Anti-ageing Bodycare collection provides women with a touch of luxury through a simple regime, that works. This is skincare as it should be – targeted, effective and intelligent.

Molton Brown Skincare Collection:
Kalahari Melon Cleansing Fluid – RRP: $49 (200ml)
Malachite Cleansing Gelle – RRP: $49 (200ml)
Tamarind Fruit Refining Toner RRP: $49 (200ml)
Pink Toronja Refining Toner RRP: $49 (200ml)
Peruvian Maca Anti-ageing Hydra-crème* – RRP: $109 (50ml)
Creole Grass Anti-ageing Hydra-crème* – RRP: $109 (50ml)
Rosa Fruit Anti-ageing Hydra-crème* – RRP: $109 (50ml)
Vita B3 Eye Concentrate* – RRP: $59 (15ml)
Pep-rich Lip Booster – RRP: $59 (3.5ml)
Facial Sunshield SPF30 – RRP: $59 (50ml)

Molton Brown Anti-Ageing Bodycare Collection:
Polynesian Kopara Anti-ageing Neck & Décolletage Crème* – RRP: $92
Polynesian Kopara Anti-ageing Hand Crème* – RRP: $58
Polynesian Kopara Anti-ageing Body Crème* – RRP: $98

Molton Brown's Skincare and Anti-ageing Bodycare collection is available now from the Molton Brown Store in the QVB Building, Sydney, David Jones Australia and online at;