MiLuxy Moisturising Massager

MiLuxy Moisturising Massager

For Deep Cleansing, Skin Nourishment and Rejuvenation Treatments

Give mum as many facial treatments as she wants with the top of the range MiLuxy Moisturising Massager. This is a one-stop beauty device that delivers a complete skincare regime making your skin feel better after even the very first use.

The routine can be completed in just nine minutes at virtually the cost of one professional treatment!

The Moisturising Massager cleanses, tones, nourishes and lifts the skin using ionic technology to draw out impurities or pump in moisture.  It also includes a gentle heat boost to help stimulate the production of collagen. 

Mum can use this to cleanse skin brilliantly; in 'nourish' mode it uses negative ions to pump moisturiser into her skin, then massages and firms in 'lift' mode.

MiLuxy Moisturising Massager
RRP $249