Mikala Dwyer - Earthcraft 2020

Mikala Dwyer - Earthcraft 2020

Taking its title from the old English word for geometry 'eorõcræft', Earthcraft 2020 is an exhibition of new work by Melbourne artist Mikala Dwyer. In Earthcraft 2020 the numerous objects and diversions elicit bodily responses to form and space. Incorporating readymades and industrial materials with the handmade and organic, each individual piece functions in the gallery as part of a larger narrative. Dwyer trusts in intuition and the personal ability to build associations and affinities. Through a synthesis of geometric forms, materials and symbols, Earthcraft 2020 remains deliberately elusive, suggesting a story rooted in both reality and fiction.

Mikala Dwyer began exhibiting in the mid-1980s and has developed a distinctive and highly engaging international sculptural and installation practice that explores ideas of shelter, childhood play, modernist design and the relationship between people and objects.

Known for her playful, fantastical installations that explore matter and metamorphosis, Dwyer's practice has developed through a series of evolving projects, connecting personal biography, site-specificity and research, to theories of the occult and alchemy. Mikala Dwyer works insculpture, performance, video and photography. She uses quotidian materials, such as transparent recycled plastics, that are manipulated into colossal sculptural volumes.

Her works are in leading public collections, including the NGA, Canberra; AGNSW, Sydney; MCA, Sydney; NGV, Melbourne; Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne; Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne; MONA, Hobart; UQ Art Museum, The University of Queensland, Brisbane; and Auckland City Gallery.

Earthcraft 2020
8 FEBRUARY - 14 MARCH 2020