Michael Klim Milk & Co Interview

Michael Klim Milk & Co Interview

Interview with Michael Klim, Former Olympic Swimmer and Founder of Milk & Co

Question: Congratulations on the ten year anniversary! What has been the biggest challenge Milk & Co has had to overcome, in those ten years?

Michael Klim: Trying to re-stabilise and re-establish the brand after the recent relaunch of the Baby and Her ranges has probably been the biggest challenge but that being said I'm happy we've had the opportunity in the last decade to be able to grow the brand.

Question: What originally inspired you to create Milk & Co?

Michael Klim: As a swimmer you have to look after your skin to ensure that it doesn't dry out from all of the chlorine and salt water. As a result I've always been very partial to personal grooming and especially moisturiser. I was approached by other beauty brands in the past but saw more value (and fun) in launching my own range. There was also a gap in the market at the time when we launched (in 2008) for an Australian men's grooming range created by an Aussie man (who understands their skincare needs and buying habits). So I spoke to a few people in the industry, created a small offering, presented to a few key retailers and the rest is history.

Question: To what do you owe the business success you've achieved in the Australian market?

Michael Klim: Look it's probably a cliché but I've got a great team around me and I think we've found that great balance between high quality natural and organic ingredients and high quality product at an affordable price. The products are simple, effective and for every Aussie and every Australian home. I also think the packaging design is standout!

Question: Which of the Milk & Co are your personal favourites?

Michael Klim: My personal favourite is the KLIM Face Moisturiser + Sunscreen

Question: How do you still incorporate your passion of swimming into your life?

Michael Klim: It's still a big passion of mine. I try to get out into the ocean and swim or surf a few times a week, for both mindfulness and exercise.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Michael Klim: I'm based in Bali but I have work commitments in Sydney and Melbourne so it really varies depending on where I am. When I'm in Sydney or Melbourne it's manic and I'm often meeting with customers, distributors or my Milk & Co team and attending work events. But a typical day in Bali is much more relaxed and I get to do the school run of a morning before work and fit in a bit of exercise at lunch, which is usually surfing or swimming.

Question: How do you separate your time between Melbourne, Sydney and Bali?

Michael Klim: My family and I are based in Bali full-time but I travel to Sydney and Melbourne for work about once a month. My kids are my number one priority so I like to spend as much time with them as possible.

Question: What's next for Milk & Co?

Michael Klim: We are really focused on stabilising and re-establishing the brand in the domestic market following the Baby and Her relaunch. Australia is our flagship! Further to that we are also working on growing the brand in the Asian market, including China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Interview by Brooke Hunter