Men's Health Week

Men's Health Week

Men's health start-up Mosh, is committed to changing Australian men's 'she'll be right' attitude

Australian men are renowned for prolonging necessary visits to doctors, adopting a typical true- blue 'she'll be right' attitude to their health. A survey highlighted that two thirds of men avoid going to the doctors, and nearly 40% of men withhold information when they do go because they feel self-conscious[1]


Men's Health tech start-up Mosh, aims to change this statistic by offering convenient and discreet telehealth services for some of men's most stigmatized health concerns. These include hair loss, erectile dysfunction and mental health concerns, to name a few.


Launched in 2018 by co-founders Gabriel Baker and David Narunsky, Mosh is a tech health start-up, specialising in men's health. The team at Mosh connects users to health professionals who support men on their journey to a healthier and improved quality of life. Mosh co-Founders Gabriel Baker and David Narunsky are passionate about reducing the shame, anxiety, and embarrassment which prevent men from consulting with their doctors on issues that are considered embarrassing.


Previously working as a strategy consultant and investment analyst, Gabriel and David were initially inspired to create Mosh when Gabriel pursued his own journey to fix his hair loss issue and found the archaic hair loss clinics to be corrupt and exploitative. Since then, the duo has found the same lack of transparency in sexual health clinics and Mosh has further expanded their offering to treat erectile issues, skin, mental health and most recently everyday health. Mosh is committed to finding gaps in the healthcare industry and making men's health easy.


Mosh started off as a side hustle however became a full-time venture when Tinder app co-founders Sean Rad and Justin Mateen made Mosh their first Australian investment. Since then, Mosh has attracted more keen investors and advisors alike, ranging from VC firms to former NRL legend Billy Slater.


Co-founder Gabriel Baker says, "We're going to continue innovating and finding gaps in the healthcare market to help Australian men as best as we can."


Mosh ensures their consumers aren't taken advantage of and prioritises the overall wellbeing and results of their customers, where every consultation, appointment and treatment plan is personalised and unique to cater to their customer's needs.


The process for men is to visit website and complete a simple online health questionnaire. This will be reviewed by doctors on the Mosh platform who will create a personalised and clinical treatment plan for every individual with specific issues. Customers have a range of options to then consult the doctors via text, call or video call. The treatment is then delivered directly to the customers from a pharmacy registered on the Mosh platform. 


Gabriel continues, "Telehealth is the perfect platform to minimise the risk of men ignoring their healthcare issues, as they are able to discreetly and conveniently discuss their concerns with normal doctor-patient confidentiality still in place. The COVID 19 pandemic has normalised telehealth and since early 2020 our business has quadrupled due to customer demand."