Melbourne Music Week

Melbourne Music Week

Rebel Yell has been invited by Melbourne Music Week to share her innovative 'Fall From Grace' Work Out, live in the flesh this month at The Curtin.

The idea came from lock down 2020. After Rebel Yell released her album in July, mid pandemic with no touring on offer, Rebel Yell took opportunity and matters into her own hands creating her own Work Out, an aerobic video paired with the pulsating techno soundtrack of latest album 'Fall From Grace'.

Premiered via the NME who described the work out tape as "An appropriate way of experiencing a particularly physical album".

'Fall From Grace' is a record dedicated to exploring the divisions between body, beat & groove. The Music as "an experience rather than an album", which again makes this interactive work out event is a fitting and unique way to experience Rebel Yell's latest offering.

Rebel Yell created a work out video you enjoy from the comfort of your own home but now we have the opportunity to take it to the streets aka The Curtin in Melbourne on Jan 30 for 2 seperate sessions, brought to you by Melbourne Music Week.  Late session includes Rebel Yell DJ set.

Please note, this is a fun event, Rebel Yell is not a certified fitness instructor per-say, but certified to make you sweat.

Come work out and dance with Rebel Yell! Tickets here.