McAlister Kemp

McAlister Kemp

Aussie Country-Rock titans, McAlister Kemp announce their long-awaited return to the live arena, kicking off at the iconic Longyard Hotel on Saturday 25th January as part of the Toyota Country Music Festival, Tamworth. The duo consisting of Drew McAlister and Troy Kemp are one of the most successful Australian country music acts of the last decade with a swag of #1 singles & albums along with Golden Guitar & CMC Awards. From the immediate breakout success of their debut album 'All Kinds of Tough' in 2010 through to their parting in 2015, the pair earned their stripes as one of the highest selling and most consistent touring acts in Australia.

But it is not just the strength of their live shows that brought them acclaim. Their three albums released via ABC Music - 'All Kinds of Tough' (2010), 'Country Proud' (2012) and 'Harder to Tame' (2014) - are veritable classics of the genre packed with hands-in-the-air rockers such as 'Hell Yeah', 'Hard Work', 'Country Proud', 'Harder To Tame' & 'Tats' and hit anthems like 'It Don't Buy You Love', 'Home', 'Fight Me', '100 Years the Anzac' and 'All Kinds of Tough'.

The five-year break has been rewarding for Drew & Troy individually with solo albums, hit singles, awards and touring. and with a legacy as enduring as the MK catalogue, it was only a matter of time before the pair would unleash once again.

And they couldn't be happier about the reunion as they stated with heart-on-sleeve honesty, "Our split was far from acrimonious." Drew stated. "But we realised that we are brothers and what we created is special to us and a bunch of other people too." Troy added "We're thrilled to have the chance to take these songs back to the fans that were there with us all the way."

While there is no word on releasing new music at this time, fans can rest assured that the Tamworth reunion show is just the beginning of a new era for McAlister Kemp.

McAlister Kemp at The Longyard Hotel – Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 25th January 2020 - Doors open at 11.00pm
Sunday 26th January 2020 - Doors open at 11.30am
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