Maxon History Interview

Maxon History Interview

Maxon Announces Powerful New Single and Video History

The impressive MAXON has announced her new single History, a powerful pop rock belter that reflects on a period of cyclic grieving, out now. After a long time perfecting and processing, MAXON has emerged fully formed with History – strong, unstoppable, and willing to burn bridges, if they need to be burnt. To accompany History, MAXON has also released an affecting video; one continuous shot that escapulates all the passion and fire that the song contains and she'll be celebrating with an exclusive performance at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne on November 22.

History feels like a diary entry; vulnerable, confessional but righteous, as though the author has come to terms with this hardship and begun the testing process of moving on. Co-written with Nayomi Pattuwage (Like Bear) and Cheryl Beattie, it's evocative of Meg Mac, yet feels heavier, rockier – an amalgamation of sound and influence that is soo uniquely MAXON. Speaking on the personal inspiration behind the track, MAXON says, "I have done so much growing over the past 2 years and I think History is simply a diary entry in a melody. This song is the first step I've ever taken towards bravery and self-acceptance. It's long over-due and represents a major turning point in my life and I hope my career as well. I'm breaking free from a long standing history of self-doubt, inflicted upon me throughout my life, and I'm burning all those bridges behind me to focus on a productive future full of bravery and self-love. It's extremely hard to live a full and happy life when a person you love is constantly putting you down. I'm learning to reflect those things now and accept everyone for who they are - because we don't know what they've been through to get to that point. And in turn, accept myself and reward myself more for the progress I am making with my mental health."

The clip for History is simple yet extremely effective. Directed by MAXON herself, alongside Josh Mitchell-Frey (Monster & Bear Productions), the clip is one continuous shot, and MAXON delivers a passionate performance as a bonfire rages behind her. Set in an Australian bush landscape, the visual is striking and meaningful, as MAXON explains, "I wanted the clip to mirror the song – keeping it raw, dark and brooding. Basically the storyline follows the song lyrics – a girl in desperate need to first, understand why a loved one would hurt her so badly, and second, to rid herself of any self-doubt inflicted upon her time and time again. It was Nayomi's idea to use fire as a symbol of letting go of the past."

MAXON is excited to be celebrating History with a performance at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne on November 22. Her powerhouse vocal is something that certainly needs to be witnessed live, as she gives audiences a taste of what to expect from her live show, "I'm really excited about the launch. I just feel better when I sing – doesn't everyone? Music is the one thing that brings us all together – I have good friends Ruby Gill, NUSSY, Plazza, Eaglemont and Magnets joining me on the night, performing renditions of both songs from my catalogue and their own. It's a two hour show with an intermission and it's going to be full of harmonies and empowering female pop music. I'm so excited to get stuck into rehearsals!"

History Launch Show
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Interview with Maxon

Question: How would you describe your music?

Maxon: Pretty sure every artist struggles with this question! I think... raw pop with elements of rock and soulful vocals; a cross between Lady Gaga and Adele, maybe?

Question: Can you tell us about filming the video for History?

Maxon: It was hot (laughs). We had a fire going and it was great fun! The scene at the end where I'm getting all emotional and singing to camera - I was actually supposed to be throwing diesel at the fire. When went for our first take, I threw the diesel and completely missed the fire! Here's a girl who throws a tennis ball forward and it goes backwards - not sure why I thought that would have been a good idea (ha). Because we were only doing one take and shooting at sunset, we had to quickly reset and come up with a plan b. Overall it was an awesome day with a super small crew and a couple of pyro's.

Question: Which is your favourite song to perform live and why?

Maxon: History, I feel totally empowered by the lyrics and I get to re-live the emotions every single time I sing it.

Question: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Maxon: Performing live hands down! I haven't been able to capture the same intensity in the studio as yet. Hopefully the more sessions I do, the better I get at recording, especially vocals.

Question: What motivates you most when writing music?

Maxon: Melodies pop into my head all the time and I draw from life experiences. As far as motivation - I just do it. Writing is something I've always felt compelled to do, it's the only way I know how to express myself. I learn so much about myself within my writing particularly how to cope and move on from difficult times.

Question: Which music/artists are you currently listening to?

Maxon: Ruby Gill, Eaglemont, Nussy and Magnets. They're all performing with me for the History launch so I've had them all on repeat for days. So lucky to have them all for this special show, they are amazing!

Question: What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Maxon: I don't think anyone ever wants to get into the music business. Put it this way, I don't see myself doing anything else. Never have, don't know if I ever will. From the moment I knew I could make noise I was making in.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Maxon: There are so manym In Australia, it's Ngaiire or Ben Abraham. Otherwise, it's definitely Lady Gaga. Dreaming!

Question: What's a typical day like?

Maxon: Every day is completely different to the next. Which is great, I have a couple of different jobs that I do, gigs here and there. Writing sessions with friends and writing sessions with self. It's all crazy busy but also really fun!

Question: Can you share your socials?

Maxon: Instagram: @maxonofficial
Twitter @maxon_official

Interview by Brooke Hunter