Max Quinn Show

Max Quinn Show

Where do you go when you hit rock bottom?
Max Quinn goes looking for answers on new song 'Live Again'.

Not only is 'Live Again' a song about a panic attack, it also sounds like one. It's a jagged, two-and-a-half minute taste of co-ordinated chaos, a swell of snarling telecasters and time-signatures, offset by huge vocal harmonies and a decisive narrative wit.

Chaos contrasted with an almost cruisey pacing, Max Quinn takes what could be a hard to hear retelling and sculpts it into a singalong you won't be able to resist joining. "There was a time in my life when I was basically living panic attack to panic attack," he explains. "'Live Again' is about the worst of those panic attacks; I was alone in the shower, and I was depressed, and scared, and it became all-encompassing."

But as the name suggests, 'Live Again' is a shaky but sure rebel yell – a story of staring into the face of the unknown and carrying on anyway. 'Live Again' picks up where Quinn's 2018 single 'Serotonin' left off - narratively and musically - as he continues to advocate for normalising conversations about mental health among young Australian men.

"If you're lucky, and if you give yourself time to heal, eventually you learn to manage. But you also have to make the choice to very consciously pursue the future, and if I have anything to impart in releasing this song, it's that. Things will get better, and in the meantime you have to try as hard as you can to keep on living."

Written and mostly recorded by Quinn in his rented studio in Sydney (with help from pals Xavier Rubetzki Noonan, Brendan Lees and Jake Rush) and mixed by David Manton and mastered by Adam Dempsey, 'Live Again' follows his 2018 single 'Serotonin', which received airplay on triple j, playlisting by Spotify, and community radio support across the country.

Max Quinn will join BUGS, Sweater Curse and TOWNS at Crowbar in Sydney on November 16th. More shows in support of 'Live Again' to be announced soon.

Max Quinn
with BUGS, Sweater Curse and TOWNS

Saturday November 16th
Crowbar Sydney