Mad Men Season 3

Mad Men Season 3

Mad Men Season 3

Cast: Jon Hamm, January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser, John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks.
Genre: Drama
Rated: M
Running Time: 45 minutes per episode

The multi award-winning, highly acclaimed drama series, Mad Men, returns for its greatly anticipated third season… and is as sexy and provocative as ever.

Sterling Cooper's Creative Director and irrepressible ladies man, Donald Draper (Jon Hamm), has reconciled with his pregnant wife, Betty (January Jones), but struggle sot hold her affections when his secret dark past is revealed.

The London parent office also makes its presence felt on Madison Avenue by installing new personnel and restructuring the organisational chart, much to Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) and Roger's (John Slattery) surprise and frustration. And Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) continues to shine in her role as copywriter, while pushing the boundaries in her personal life.

The backbone of the Agency, Joan (Christina Hendricks), readies to leave her role as Office Manager to play housewife. However, as Joan quickly discovers the grass isn't' greener outside of Sterling Cooper as the wife of a struggling former doctor.

Can Don and Betty repair the chasms forming in their marriage? Will Pete sabotage his own career? Can Sterling Cooper stave off attempts by parent company PPL to make dramatic changes to the agency?

All will be revealed in this third season of Mad Men, which also explores the palpable outpouring of grief when the nation's President, John F. Kennedy, is assassinated in Dallas.

Episode 1: Out of Town
Don wastes no time getting back to his old tricks. Declared as the 'face of the business' by Sterling Cooper's new owners, Don must fly with Sal to Baltimore to visit client, London Fog. Shelley, their flirty stewardess, invites them to dinner, with 'dinner' quickly turning into something more with Don in the hotel hallway.

Meanwhile, Pete is appointed Head of Accounts after Burt Peterson is fired, and much, to Pete's shock, so is Ken. The Agency's clients are divided between the pair with Lane explaining, "It's possible someone could distinguish themselves." However, Pete struggles to play nice in the sandpit with Ken.

In Maryland, a bellhop pays a special visit to Sal's hotel room to fix the air conditioner, delivering above and beyond the call of duty. And, Don manages to smooth things over with the client by reassuring them of Sterling Cooper's continued commitment the raincoat brand.

Back at home, Sally apologises to Dan for breaking the clasp on his suitcase before his trip, telling him it was only because she didn't want him to leave. Don tells her, "I'll always come home". As Don and Betty recline on the bed, Sally rummages through her dad's luggage and finds the stewardess's pin.

Episode 2: Love Among the Ruins
Working on the account for Pepsi's new diet soda, Peggy challenges the men on whether emulating Ann-Margret's sexy Bye Bye Birdie routine is best way to target female consumers.

Elsewhere, strivings to distinguish himself from his fellow account head, Pete brings in representatives from Madison Square Gardens- only to have Paul alienate them by siding with protestors of the plans to raze iconic Penn Station. Don later suggests shifting public option by promoting the Garden as the cornerstone of New York's renaissance. But it seem his efforts are all for nought when Lane announces London's plans to drop the Garden as a client.

On the home front, Betty's father, Gene, falls ill at the same time as his companion leaves him. An ailing Gene visits Drapers with Betty's brother William and family in tow. To pregnant Betty's distress, she soon discovers that William wants to put her father in a home. Believing he's out to get his father's house in his clutches, a shaken Betty fills Don in when he arrives home. William is swiftly issued with an ultimatum, which sees Gene move in with Don and Betty.

Episode 3: My Old Kentucky Home
After auditioning for Ann-Margret look-alikes for the Pepsi diet soda ad, it's straight back to work for Peggy, Smitty and Paul who have to spend all weekend in the office on new concepts for the Bacardi rum account. Sipping rum for inspiration, the boys soon decide a few puffs of marijuana will get their creativity sparkling.

Over at the country club, the two account heads, plus Harry, Don and Betty, attend a party thrown by Roger and Jane. It doesn't take long for Don to whisper to Betty, "Can we go?" Later, the pair helps a tipsy Jane who, in return, offends them when she blurts out that she knew they would get back together.

Back at the office, Peggy's new secretary, the middle-aged and matronly, Olive expresses concern after smelling the pot delivered by Paul's old Princeton pal. Peggy ignores her advice and the group head to the build's rooftop after getting high.

At home at the Draper's, Sally boldly steals a five-dollar bill from her Grandpa's wallet. Betty puts the missing money down to her father's forgetfulness but Gene is later shocked when Sally produces the missing note.

Episode 4: The Arrangements
Peggy decides to move to Manhattan and places an ad for a roommate. Paul, Harry and Ken enlist Lois to prank call Peggy as a prospective roomie. Growing frustrated, Peggy is told by Joan that her ad is too dull and encourages her to take amore carefree approach.

Meanwhile, Pete gets a visit from an old college friend obsessed with the sport jai alai. Convinced it's the sport of the future, Horace wants to hire Sterling Cooper to carry out his extravagant promotional ideas. However, Don warns Pete against fleecing the 'fatted calf' because he's the son of a close friend of Cooper.

Don also recommends that Sal replace the director of the Pepsi ad who drops out at the last minute. Sal is nervous about the task and resists his wife, Kitty, as she propositions him wearing a sheer negligee. He tells her he's "not himself" these days.

Peggy drops in on her mother, now living at her sister's house, and surprised her with a TV set. Revealing that she's moving to Manhattan, Mrs Olson warns, "You'll get raped. You know that." And a policeman arrives on the Draper's doorstep with terrible news about a loved one.Episode 5: The Fog
Don and Betty head to Sally's school for a conference with her teacher about her recent bad beahviour. Miss Farrell puts it down to grief over Gene's death and reveals Sally has been asking many questions about a recently murdered civil rights activist.

At Sterling Cooper, Pete accepts a lunch invitation from Duck Phillips who is now working at another advertising agency, Grey. Pete arrives to find Peggy also at the lunch where Duck offers them both jobs.

Later than evening, Betty goes into labour. As he waits for the birth of his third child, Don meets a Sing Sing prison guard and first-time father who muses that the 'animals' he encounters at the prison were babies once. Baby Eugen arrives after Betty, under sedative, slips into the 'fog' of labour.

Back at the Agency, Pete upsets a client by suggesting that their commercials feature both black and white actors. The client questions whether this is even legal.

Driven by Duck's suggestion that this could be 'her time', Peggy asks Don for a raise in pay to equal the men of Sterling Cooper.

Episode 6: Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency
Sally has trouble sleeping, finding it difficult to adjust to baby Eugene's presence in the household. Betty presents her with a Barbie doll as a gift from her new brother but Sally refused to approach the baby.

Over at Sterling Cooper, Lane announces that executives from London will arrive the next day, coinciding with Joan's farewell. At her going away party, an excited Ken rides into the office atop of John Deere riding mower, having just landed the account.

On arrival, the London executives congratulate Lane on his achievements at Sterling Cooper and present him with a stuffed cobra- he's being transferred to Bombay to be their 'snake charmer'. Londoner Guy MacKendrick will be taking his place in New York. Later that day, a tipsy Lois takes the mower for a joyride, losing control and slashing Guy's foot.

After an unexpected meeting with Conrad Hilton is cut short due to Guy's accident, Don returns home to find Sally's new Barbie stuffed in the bushes by the front door. Returning the doll to Sally's bedroom, the household is soon roused by Sally's screams. Don manages to successfully comfort her until Betty walks in holding baby Eugene.

Episode 7: Seven Twenty Three
Conrad Hilton surprised Don with a visit, announcing that he wants Don to handle his three New York City properties. The only catch? Don has to sign a three-year contract with Sterling Cooper. With Don reluctant to sign, Roger calls Betty and encourages her to make him agree. It's the first she's heard of it.

Meanwhile Peggy receives and expensive Hermes scarf from Duck. Pete advises her to send it back saying Duck is trying to use them to get back at Don. Peggy calls Duck to return the scarf and he invite her to his hotel suite with more in mind.

That night, Betty confronts Don about the contract and the reasons behind his reluctance to sign. Angry and with a drink in hand, Don takes off in his car. He soon picks up on a young hitchhiking couple who offer to pay their way with two Phenobarbital pills. The nest morning, Don wakes with a bloody nose on the floor of a motel.

Betty also gets in touch with Henry Francis, who she met at Roger and Jens's party, to help with a community project she is protesting. They both make weak excuses for arriving at the meeting alone.

Episode 8: Souvenir
While Trudy;s away, Pete plays with his neighbour's au pair, Gudrun. Helping her to replace her boss's dress, which she borrowed without permission from Mrs Lawrence and stained Pete drops into the Bonwit Teller department store and discovers Joan working there. Joan discreetly exchanges the dress, which Pete tells her is Trudy's.

Over at the Draper home, Betty takes a call from Conrad Hilton. He needs Don to accompany him to Italy to inspect the Rome Hilton with him. Don invites Betty along but she only agrees to join him after Henry Frances kisses her following their successful delay of the community project.

In Rome, Don and Betty rekindle their passion but return home to find Sally's temper has been causing problems. Betty confronts Sally about fighting with her brother, Bobby, and warns her to control her temper.

Trudy returns home from her vacation to a sullen Pete. His neighbor, Mr Lawrence, has warned him off the au pair. Trudy senses something is wrong and tries to get Pete to open up but when he doesn't respond, she retreats to the bedroom, slamming the door.

Episode 9: Wee Small Hours
The Draper's phone rings out in the middle of the night. It's Conrad and he wants Don to 'earn' Hilton's international business. Unable to sleep, Don goes for a drive and chances upon Sally's teacher, Suzanne Farrell, on her morning job. She had earlier captured his attention. She accepts his offer for a lift home.

That morning, Betty sends Henry a note asking if anyone else reads his mail. Henry replies by sending a 'safe' address so that Betty an continue to send him private letters.

Later that night, Sal is in the office with Lee Garner Jr, the son of the Lucky Strike cigarette magnet. Showing him an early cut of the Lucky Strike commercial, Lee comes on to Sal who protests that he's married. Angered by Sal's rejection, Lee calls Harry and demands that Sal be fired.

The next day, Henry unexpectedly appears at Betty's door. "I wanted to see you." Almost caught out by Carla, Henry and Betty finally embrace when she visits Henry's office, where he locks the door. Later that night, Don also succumbs to his urges, telling Betty he has to take a late night meeting with Conrad. Instead, he arrives on Suzanne's doorstep.

Episode 10: The Colour Blue
Don arrives home for dinner and tells Betty he won't be spending the night at home. "I see how hard you're working," Betty tells him. But instead of the office, Don drives to Miss Farrell's apartment.

In the office the next day, Lane delivers Don's signing bonus and is rewarded with a rare smile. He invites Don to be the final speaker at Sterling Cooper's upcoming 40th anniversary party.

Back at Miss Farrell's their lovemaking is interrupted when her brother turns up. And, at the Draper', Sally answers the phone but no one responds. On the same night as the mystery call, Don is placing cash in his desk drawer when Eugene's crying interrupts him. He places the key in his bathrobe, which Betty finds while doing the laundry. She unlocks the drawer and is stunned by what she finds.

From the office the next morning, Don calls Betty about the party. She says she doesn't feel well enough to attend, but Don insists she join him so that he can show her off. The London executives call Lane to tell him they will also be attending, and drop a bombshell about Sterling Cooper.

Episode 11: The Gypsy and the Hobo
Betty and the children head out of town for a week to attend her father's estate. While there, she confides in her father's lawyer, Milton, about Don's secret. He convinces her to try and save her marriage. While Betty's away, Don suggests that he and Suzanne take a trip after Suzanne reveals she wants more than she thought she would with Don.

Meanwhile, one of Roger's old flames re-enters his life, hiring Sterling Cooper to turn around public opinion on her pet food that contains horse meat. Joan also reaches out to Roger for help finding work. Joan's husband strikes out at a psychiatry residency interview and later makes the shock announcement that he's joined the army.

Ready for their trip, Don swings by his house with Suzanne, who stays in the car. Once inside, he discovers Betty and the children have returned home early. Unable to stand the lies any longer, Betty demands that Don open his desk drawer, telling him she knows what's inside. Don relents and agrees to tell her everything she wants to know. Outside, Suzanne gets out of the car and walks away.

Episode 12: The Grown-Ups
Pete finds out that Ken has been appointed as Senior Vice President in charge of Account Services. Later, Trudy finds Pete at hone who tells her that he's been fired. He's going to call Duck.

Meanwhile, Duck calls Peggy and asks her to meet him at his hotel. She agrees and tells a disbelieving Paul that she's going to the printers. Just before she arrives, Duck finds out via television news bulletin that President John F. Kennedy has been shot in Dallas. He unplugs the set before answering the door.

At Roger's daughter's wedding reception, Betty and Henry struggle to keep their eyes off each other. Even Henry's daughter notices. Later, distraught over Don's betrayal and the death of President Kennedy, Betty takes a drive and meets Henry in a parking lot. "You don't have to answer me now," Henry tells her, "but I want to marry you." She returns home and tells Don that she doesn't love him. Don says she'll feel better tomorrow.

The next day seems like a different world, and only Don and Peggy arrive for work.

Episode 13: Shut the Door. Have a Seat.
Conrad calls Don and reveals that ad agency McCann Erickson is buying Puttnam, Powell and Lowe, as well as Sterling Cooper. Locked in by his contract, Don tells Cooper about the sale and proposes they buy Sterling Cooper. Cooper eventually agrees but says Roger has to be in on the deal for the Lucky Strike account.

Don manages to convince Roget to come on board and the trio makes an offer to Lane. Their offer is quickly rejected. Identifying that Lane will be discarded after the sale; Don suggests he sever their contract so that they call all start their own agency- with Lane included as partner. "Well, gentleman," he says with a smile, "I suppose you're fired."

The team scramble to secure accounts, poach staff and spirit away the necessary material over the weekend before the telegram sent on Friday is read in London on Monday. Roger and Don visit Pete and offer him a job, while Peggy and Joan are also on their wish list.

Meanwhile, Betty readies herself to leave for Reno after telling Don she's divorcing him. Don confides in Roger, who reveals the presence of Henry Frances. Shocked, Don asks Joan to find him an apartment to live in.