Lunch Monkeys

Lunch Monkeys

Lunch Monkeys

New Series Lunch Monkeys is a six-part knockabout sitcom series about the bad attitudes of a bunch of surly school leavers in their first jobs at a personal injury law firm.

They continually mess things up in the postal room of Fox Cranford - as do their superiors, office manager Gloria (Sian Reeves), and senior partner, Mike Cranford (Nigel Havers).

Lunch Monkeys will strike a chord with anyone who's tried to order paperclips from the office postal room. Nigel Havers adds a touch of style and one of the nicest things about this new comedy series is that it doesn't have an idiot laughter track.

Tonight, Gloria reckons Fox Cranford is understaffed and introduces new girl Shelley, (Rachel Rae) to the team. Shelley's induction is left to Darrel (Chris Hannon), the longest-serving member of the admin team. Meanwhile, indie kid Kenny (Christian Foster) is in love with blonde colleague Tania (Jessica Hall) but she seems to have fallen pregnant to slimy love-rat solicitor, Charlie (Steve John Shepherd). Tania tells Asif (Abdullah Afzal) her secret but he doesn't know if he should tell Kenny, his closest mate in the postal room.

Shelley fails to make a good impression on her first meeting with Mike Cranford and things get worse when she takes a two hour lunch break to get a tattoo.

And Tania has a go at Asif for spreading rumours she is a lesbian with AIDS.

Lunch MonkeysMonday, 28 June - Monday, 2 of June 2010