Lumedia Facial Brightener

Lumedia Facial Brightener

100% Hydroquinone-Free The New Facial Brighteners from Lumedia

What are they? And why do they makeyour skin look... so much younger?

"As we approach the age of 30, skin becomesduller," explains Dr. Nathalia Chevreau, PhD, RD,Director of Women's Health at Basic Research. "Skinstarts to turn a kind of 'mousy brown'... spottier andsplotchier and it loses that radiant 'pinkish' glow weused to have when we were kids. And interestinglyenough", Dr. Chevreau adds, "this change in skintone and colour can occur in all ethnic groups.Unfortunately, no injection, scalpel or filler can bringback the radiant glow of youth. That's why facialbrighteners are becoming so important".

So why does our skin colour turn as we age?According to Dr. Richard Wells, PhD, Director ofscientific affairs for Bremenn Research Labs (thepigmentation specialists who brought you Hylexin,the world #1 formula for serious dark circles, andLumedia, the hottest-selling facial brightener on theoverseas market), changing skin colour has a lot todo with light waves, colour frequencies and how lightis reflected. "As we age, proteins in the skin'sepidermis become cross linked and ridged... losingtransparency and the ability to reflect pink tones;thus resulting in a duller, darker 'mousy', if you will,pallor. Unlike simple 'age spot' removers, newgeneration Facial Brighteners are designed to beused over the entire face and actually restore thecolour of your skins appearance. They make youlook younger by increasing your skins brightnessscale and amplifying full-spectrum reflectively,luminescence and clarity. It's quite a breakthrough."

What are these esteemed scientists trying to say?

In plain English, Facial Brighteners are cutting-edge skin care. They enhance the colour ofyour skin so you use less make-up, less concealer...and you don't look like you're trying toohard to hide your age. You just look naturally younger.

If you really want to look younger and get rid of the appearance of telltale age spots andblotchy discolourations, while restoring that "baby-like" glow and radiant look of youth, youneed to try a Facial Brightener and there is nothing more revolutionary, more exciting andmore effective then Lumedia.

Q: What is Lumedia Facial Brightener?

A: Lumedia Facial Brightener is a proprietary, hydroquinone-free blend of pigmentlighteningagents specifically developed for overall facial brightening.

Q: How does Lumedia Facial Brightener work?

A: Lumedia Facial Brightener's hydroquinone-free combination of pigment-lighteningagents helps impart a "baby-like" glow almost immediately and reduces theappearance of dark areas, melasma (dark pigmentation of the skin) and freckles onthe face in a few short weeks.

Q: How do I use Lumedia Facial Brightener?

A: Begin with clean dry skin. Apply Lumedia Facial Brightener no more than twotimes per day. Gently massage into skin until completely absorbed.

Q: How often can I use Lumedia Facial Brightener?

A: You should apply Lumedia Facial Brightener twice per day to achieve optimumresults.

Q: Can I use Lumedia Facial Brightener anywhere on my body, or just on my face?

A: Lumedia Facial Brightener was specifically developed for overall skin brighteningof the face.

Q: Can I use Lumedia Facial Brightener along with other cosmetics, skin-lightenersor treatments?

A: Be sure to consult your physician if you are under his/her care or are using anyprescription medication to topical formulations. We don't recommend you useLumedia Facial Brightener with other skin lighteners. However, Lumedia FacialBrightener is compatible with all high quality cosmetics and skin creams. ApplyLumedia Facial Brightener first as directed, then apply cosmetics, skin cream orlotion as desired.

Q: How does Lumedia Facial Brightener work on people of colour? Will it make darkskin look "white"?

A: as we approach the age of 30, skin becomes duller and begins to loose thewarmer looking, "pinkish" glow...the red and pink tones are present in the skin tonesof all ethnicities. Lumedia Facial Brightener works by restoring the warmer-looking,youthful, "pink" chroma that is characteristic of younger looking skin, no matter whatyou ethnicity. It doesn't make darker-coloured skin look "white", it just makes darkerskin look warmer and more youthful.

Lumedia Facial Brightener
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