Love Lavender and Rose Adore

Love Lavender and Rose Adore

Love Lavender and Rose Adore

Love Lavender Lavender Oil Pure

Due to its purity and balance of natural components, Love Lavender Oil can be used for a multitude of ailments - among these for the temporary relief of anxiety, stress, headache, insomnia, nervous tension, wounds, sunburn, minor burns, skin inflammations, muscular aches and pains - a must for any first aid kit. For this reason, every home should have a bottle handy.
10ml – RRP $19.95

Love Lavender Lavender Oil Water Soluble

Love Lavender has made using Lavender Oil even easier with this bath and spa friendly water soluble solution that helps the oil to dissolve beautifully in water.  This gentle solution will not clog spa jets and creates a sensational effervescence when the spa is turned on.  Relax and luxuriate in with this nurturing oil.  As a bonus, this product can be used as an eco friendly household cleaning product!
100ml - RRP $19.95
Rose Adore Rose Hip Seed Oil

Not just another Rose Hip Oil on the market ... this one stands above all others - 100% pure, organically certified, ethically sourced and representing true value. Rose Adore Rose Hip Seed Oil is the world's very finest and holds the highest skin replenishing properties.  Apart from being bottled with love - nothing is added and nothing is taken away - this is the genuine article.

Jammed packed full of goodness, Rose Hip Seed Oil has made its way into popularity due to its nourishment packed seeds that deliver amazing skin restorative properties. High in essential fatty acids, fine lines, wrinkles, scars and blemishes fall in love with this oil and soak up its goodness.
30ml RRP $19.95