L'Oreal Natural Sea Beauty

L'Oreal Natural Sea Beauty

The purest of mud products has now arrived in Australia, and LOreal Israel is leading the way to bring the mostpotent mineral beauty products to you. The incorporation of Dead Sea Mud into beauty products has been usedfor hundreds of years. Salt and minerals found in Dead Sea mud contain 15 times the amount of magnesiumfound in ordinary sea water. Research has found that this assists with the metabolism of skin cells and acts asan anti-allergen. Mud also has been proven to produce healing effects on a wide range of skin diseases anddisorders such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, pimples and inflammation.

LOreal Israel has developed a beauty range of products that combine these important elements in their newskincare range, Natural Sea Beauty. The mud products contain a combination of Dead Sea mud and TiberiasMud. Dead Sea Mud, otherwise known as salt water mud is black in colour and has an incredibly high mineralconcentration. Whilst Tiberias mud, otherwise known as piloma mud, or sweet water mud, is cream in colourand contains trace elements of zinc, perfect for anti-inflammatory and suitable for delicate and sensitive skins.Natural mud is rich in minerals including magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, to name a few. All these areessential to skin metabolism, especially as the skin ages and mineral levels in the body decline. Because thebody does not produce minerals on its own, it needs outside sources such as Dead Sea Mud to assist in thereproduction of minerals.

Benefits of Mud:
When used correctly mud can have the following benefits; reducing fats and dirt on the skin and through hisprocess it discards dead skin cells and exposes a fresh skin layer, while soothing and moisturising. Combined,these effects make skin smoother, more flexible, and give it a clean, fresh and silky appearance. Mud is alsobeneficial when used as an antiseptic and perfect for those who suffer from the occasional outbreak or oily skin.Mud will reduce the signs of ageing and assist with your circulation.

About LOreal Israel Natural Sea Beauty:
LOreal Israel is a full subsidiary brand of LOreal and in February 2009 their brand Natural Sea Beauty willlaunch in Australia and sold exclusively through Target. Natural Sea Beauty is based on minerals and mud fromthe Dead Sea and Tiberias springs. The Dead Sea is the most vast mineral water source in the world, known forits powerful beauty enhancing agents and its therapeutic properties. The range is split into the followingcategories; Facial Cleansing, Face Care, Ageing Care and Body Care. Its the range that will allow you to havea professional spa treatment in the comfort of your own bathroom.

The Magic of Mud: Fast Facts
* Mud is natures most effective deep cleanser due to its composition of tiny particles of clay
* Mud absorbs impurities from the skins pores down to the last traces of make up
* Mud is proven for its healing effects on a wide range of skin diseases and disorders such as psoriasis,eczema, acne, pimples and inflammation since Cleopatra time.
* Dead Sea mud has been used in beauty products for hundreds of years.
* The absence of polluting factors such as industry and heavy traffic combined with intensive vegetationmakes for some of the cleanest air in the world, and a perfect breading ground for Dead Sea Mud.