Munthari Hand Hydrating Lotion 125ml

A rich and absorbent hand cream containing a blend of intensely hydrating nutrients to protect and repair hands and nails.

Munthari Hand Hydrating Lotion 125ml
RRP: $70

Australian Native Lip Balm

LI'TYA's new Certified Organic Native Australian Lip Balm is a restorative and hydrating formula that keeps lips moist and smooth.

These natural and nurturing organic ingredients impart a subtle scent of lemony eucalyptus, with Beeswax to condition, Coconut Oil to hydrate and Shea Butter to enrich and nourish lips. The addition of Avocado Oil to protect and heal and Essential Oil of Eucalyptus, ensures lips stay cool and soothed.

Australian Native Lip Balm
RRP: $26.00

LITYA (pronounced ladeeya) was the first skincare brand to use Australian indigenous ingredients in its formulations, with Aboriginal elder approval.

The LITYA Spa Care experience is a fusion of Ancient plant knowledge and holistic healing principles designed to harmonize energize and beautify the body.

The Name LITYA (meaning of the Earth) was bestowed on us by an Australian Aboriginal Tribal Elder. In recognition of this honour all LITYAs products and business practice take a Tread Lightly respectful and reciprocal approach to the environment and the native people who have shared their wisdom with us.

Behind LI'TYA

According to the 'natural' law of the Dreamtime, everybody, everything, all time and space is intimately linked to the sacred seed of creation, from which everything has grown and continues to grow. Every thought, footprint, gust of wind, plant or animal that lives, has lived or is yet to live, is seen to impart its own vibration upon the earth, which in turn resounds across all eternity as part of the ongoing creation of the world.

Living in harmony with this understanding, Aboriginal Australians view their lives here as custodians of the physical and spiritual dimensions of this earth. Their philosophy is to therefore tread lightly and with the greatest of respect. For the fruition of the dreaming that carries the potential of creative perfection, is ultimately determined by the unseen vibration of all that is around it.

It is in honour of this wisdom, that tribal elders and members of Australias Indigenous community have willingly shared with LI'TYA their intimate knowledge of native plants, healing modalities and their deeply respectful and reciprocal approach to the workings of nature.

LITYA products are:
Made with organic or sustainably wild harvested Australian Native ingredients
Enriched with natures most potent and pure essential oils
Blended with the highest quality botanical bases
Cruelty free
Packed using recycled or biodegradable packaging

LITYA Products do not contain: Sulphates, Petro-chemicals, Synthetic fragrances or Mineral Oils.