Layne Beachley InnerOrigin Interview

Layne Beachley InnerOrigin Interview

AO, 7 x World Surfing Champion

As Australia's newest and most exciting online wellness marketplace, InnerOrigin has attracted celebrity ambassadors including, Stephanie Rice, Dr Ross Walker, Kirk Pengilly, Therese Kerr, Nikki Fogden-Moore and Sally Joseph.


Interview with Layne Beachley

Question: What is InnerOrigin?

Layne Beachley: InnerOrigin is an exciting online marketplace and wellness community that empowers people to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

Question: What attracted you to InnerOrigin?

Layne Beachley: Too many products on our shelves claim to be something they are not. InnerOrigin is all about truth on label transparency, authentic products free of nasty chemicals, all of which have been endorsed by a panel of health experts. I value my health and wellbeing and I love how all of the guess work is taken out of shopping on this platform, empowering people with the knowledge and confidence that their purchase will benefit their health.

Question: What role do you play in the InnerOrigin launch?

Layne Beachley: My job is to inspire and educate people on the power of choice. Our choices determine our destiny and the way we look, feel and live is determined by the daily habits we choose to commit to.

Question: Can you tell us about your gratitude practice?

Layne Beachley: I ground myself in gratitude each day to maintain a positive and happy outlook on life. Through all media platforms we are constantly subjected to fear, negativity and suffering which has a profound effect on our thoughts and emotional wellbeing. Choosing to be Grateful empowers me to focus my attention on moments that light me up and fill me with a sense of optimism and happiness.

Question: How has your life changed since you implemented a daily gratitude practice?

Layne Beachley: I am a lot calmer, happier, more focused and less reactive to negative events that occur in my life.

Question: Do you have a morning routine; can you share it with us?

Layne Beachley: As soon as I wake up I begin every morning with a breathing technique - breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, breathe out for 10 seconds x 5 then I ask myself what am I grateful for today.

Question: What's your food philosophy?

Layne Beachley: Fresh is best - Australian grown, in season and organic where possible.

Question: What advice do you have for young Australian women hoping to surf at a professional level?

Layne Beachley: It's a dream job, however it requires total commitment and focus. Ask questions, surround yourself with people who believe in you and write your goals on your bedroom wall to act as a daily reminder of what you want to achieve.

Interview by Brooke Hunter