Laura Dundovic Skin Protection Interview

Laura Dundovic Skin Protection Interview

Laura Dundovic Skin Protection Interview

Natural Instinct is a stunning skin and hair care brand made from truly natural ingredients. Laura's current focus is on natural sunscreen and skin safety in the sun - with summer ever-looming and the ever increasing interest surrounding natural beauty products, it seems like an ideal time to bring the topic of how to protect our skin to the forefront!

Interview with Laura Dundovic, Model, presenter and Natural Instinct Ambassador

Question: How do you protect your skin, in summer?

Laura Dundovic: Sunscreen! I always use SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection, and I'm obsessed with the ones by Natural Instinct because they're made using plant derived ingredients (I'm trying to keep things natural!), so not filled with nasties, and are gentle on the skin. I use the Invisible Sunscreen for when I want to wear make-up on top, or the Tinted version for when I feel like going more natural. I also like them because they're marine friendly, so we're not washing chemicals off into our beautiful oceans.

Other than that, I always wear a hat (a wide brimmed black hat is a classic, or my New York Yankees cap!) and try not to be in the midday sun for too long. You have to be so careful.

Question: Why do you love Natural Instinct products?

Laura Dundovic: I like to keep my skincare routine simple and truly natural which is exactly what Natural Instinct products are all about. They have products to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise which is exactly what my skin needs after a long day of wearing makeup.

Question: Do you have a favourite product in the Natural Instinct range?

Laura Dundovic: That's a tough one! I think my favourite would have to be the Natural Instinct Plump and Renew Serum. This is a new product from the brand, and I'm loving it. I use it just after cleansing, morning and night, on my face, neck and décolletage. I let it soak into my skin, then I will layer moisturiser on top.

It's filled with so many hydrating anti-oxidants, and already it's made such a huge difference to my skin than just using moisturiser alone, it definitely feels nice and plump and supple.

Question: Why do you choose skincare products made from truly natural ingredients?

Laura Dundovic: I think that truly natural products are so gentle and kind to your skin. Natural Instinct products are made using plant derived ingredients so it's perfect. Beautiful skin to me is hydrated and feels clean, fresh and plump and truly natural. Many often think natural products don't see the same results as chemicals, but my skin is in better condition than ever.

Question: What are your top 3 things you would never do to your skin?

Laura Dundovic: Below are my 3 skincare mantras:

Always exfoliate your skin. Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells (yuck!) so it's really important to gently exfoliate once or twice a week.

Always take off your makeup at the end of the day. As a model and presenter I am constantly wearing makeup but I know how bad it is to leave it on my skin when I go to bed. Your skin needs to breathe!

Always wear sunscreen. I think forgetting to wear sunscreen even on those days when it's not hot is so easy to do but it really does harm your skin in the long run.

Question: What are the five pieces of skin care advice you wish you'd been told 10 years ago?

Laura Dundovic: Wear sunscreen every day….and not just when it's really sunny. I never leave the house without SPF 30 on. Sun exposure is the biggest skin ager and it's just not worth the risk. As I've said, I use the Natural Instinct Invisible Sunscreen which is lightweight and I can wear it under my foundation.

You don't need to spend a fortune on skincare products to have a really good skincare routine. I think you can achieve great skin by just taking care of your skin by cleansing, moisturising, treating it with gentle ingredients.

Sorry to harp on but take your makeup off before you go to bed! I can't stress how important this is! Leaving makeup on can make your skin breakout and prematurely ages your skin.

Don't go overboard with harsh chemicals and scrubs. This can really do more damage to your skin than you think and create long term skin damage.

Use a face oil. Your skin needs moisture and oil to function properly and oily skin is usually dehydrated. I think face oils are a great way to combat this!

Question: What does a model do, before she leaves the house?

Laura Dundovic: I always give myself a little spritz of Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb before going just about anywhere. It's been my favourite fragrance for years!

I'll also have a glass of water before leaving the house. It's key for fresh, plump, young skin. I'll always have a water bottle in my bag to make sure I'm staying hydrated all day.

Question: And, can you share your tips to age defying skin? Serums are the best thing to use alongside your moisturiser. It's an absolute must have. I put my serum on after cleansing and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, in fact more so than any other moisturiser I have tried in the past. Not only will you feel amazing, you'll see a noticeable improvement in lines and wrinkles. My current favourite is the Natural Instinct Plump and Renew Serum.

Living a healthy lifestyle and eating a plant heavy diet is also an age defying tip that a lot of people seem to forget about. Your skin needs so many nutrients and maintaining a healthy diet is the best way to make sure your skin is soft, supple and blemish free.

I think that drinking alcohol in moderation is another tip for great skin the long run. Alcohol tends to dry out your skin so I try not to overindulge when I do drink.

Interview by Brooke Hunter