Lancôme Belle De Teint

Lancôme Belle De Teint

Lancôme Belle De Teint

The Belle De Teint sheer blurring powder combines key ingredients, such as Rosa Gallica, to not only soften and boost radiance in the skin, but also for its anti-oxidant properties.

The secrets of a natural glow: 3 criteria identified by women

Is a natural glow simply the result of healthy skin? In part, of course: every woman dreams of healthy, naturally smooth and flawless skin. A complexion that seems absolutely self-sufficient, a source of beauty in and of itself… and a delight to flaunt. But natural glow also encompasses well-being: because that same healthy, blemish-free skin tells its own story. One of sunshine, holidays and rest. All the serenity and bliss of simply being, revealing the most radiant beauty of every woman. A naturally glowing complexion is the purest expression of well-being, making it infinitely desirable. Recreating that beauty on a daily basis is one way of re-living the essence of our happiest days.

To cater to this desire, Lancôme draws from its two-fold make-up and skincare expertise to create Belle de Teint, its first natural glow, healthy skin powder. A new make-up technique designed on the basis of three essential criteria identified by women for a resplendently natural glow: radiance, colour and texture. Belle de teint acts simultaneously on these three criteria to:
recreate the natural radiance of healthy, luminous skin
perfect skin's surface texture, thus amplifying its radiance
naturally beautify and enhance the complexion's colour

By simultaneously acting on luminosity, colour and skin texture, Belle de Teint recreates all the radiance of deeply healthy skin, bathing it in the most remarkable of lights.

Truly beautified skin

Belle de Teint combines a formula infused with ingredients renowned for their beneficial properties on skin with a texture designed to create a blurring, sheer make-up result:

- Rosa Gallica for radiance: known for its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, Rosa Gallica both softens skin and boosts radiance. Incorporated within a Lancôme make-up formula for the first time, powdered Rosa Gallica petals are harmoniously blended within the Belle de Teint compact formula to amplify the shades' radiance – and the complexion's luminosity – thanks to their delicate rosy colour.

- An ultra-vitamin enriched combination for anti-oxidant action: Rosa Gallica is associated with anti-oxidant tomato and apricot oils. Lipid-rich, the tomato extract is itself concentrated in 2 anti-oxidants, vitamin E and lycopene, to neutralise free radicals and protect cell membranes. Apricot oil is rich in vitamin A, renowned for its anti-ageing properties, with the power to nourish skin and restore both elasticity and suppleness.

- Caffeine with all of its energising benefits: renowned for its stimulating, pro-drainage and decongesting properties, caffeine acts as an energising agent. Signs of tiredness are reduced and the complexion appears rested.

- Soft focus charges for an instant blurring effect: composed of multiple materials, the soft focus charges leave skin looking smoother. Small surface imperfections create areas of shadow which contrast with areas of light, making pores and wrinkles more exaggerated. Soft focus elastomers settle into textural imperfections to diffuse light and blur away any shadows. Perlite and talc complete the elastomers' actions by absorbing sebum for an instant mattifying blur effect.

Every bit as light and sheer as a veil of light, the extraordinarily sensorial Belle de Teint texture – a feat of formulation from the Lancôme laboratory – lets skin breathe, dressing it in an airy veil for an ultra-natural make-up result and the delightful sensation of rested, sun-kissed skin. Skin is left luminous, signs of tiredness are eclipsed and skin texture is as though smoothed.

Shade-specific complexion lighting

Because fair skin does not reflect light in the same way as more intense complexions, the iridescence level of Belle de Teint is tailored to suit each shade for an even more natural look: the lighter the shade, the lower the pearl pigment concentration; the darker it is, the greater the concentration of pearl pigments to create contrast and an optimal, made-to-measure iridescence.

Shades 01 to 03 are created for fairer complexions and thus contain no pearl pigments, for a matte natural glow effect.

Shade 04 is created for more tanned complexions and is subtly iridescent for a luminous natural glow effect. Belle de Teint is a range of 4 shades to fuse with a variety of complexions, revealing the most radiant beauty of every woman.

01 Belle de Rose - 02 Belle d'Abricot - 03 Belle de Jour - 04 Belle de Miel