Jurlique Jasmine Collection Gift Set

Jurlique Jasmine Collection Gift Set

Jurlique Jasmine Collection Gift Set

Jurlique presents a lovingly assembled collection of some of our favourite products that are sure to pamper Mums everywhere this Mother's Day. The collections include a full range of Jurlique body care products made with our proprietary blends of fresh-picked herbs and flowers. Give your mother a gift she will love this Mother's Day.

Jasmine Collection Gift Set
Pamper your mother with the sensual aroma of fresh blooming jasmine - sure to transport her to a place of eternal love.

This collection of scented body care products captures the sensual aura of freshblooming Jasmine. The delicate star shaped flower, the symbol of eternal love, is renowned for the intensity of its seductive scent - most pronounced when sunlight surrenders to moonlight and its petals open, infusing the environs with their distinctive aroma. In traditional aromatherapy, the jasmine flower is known for its calming and soothing effects, an ideal aroma for body care products.

Jasmine Shower Gel 300ml - a gentle hydrating body cleanser
Jasmine Body Lotion 300ml - a hydrating everyday body moisturiser
Jasmine Hand Cream 40ml - a rich hydrating hand treatment

Jasmine Collection Gift Set
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For the last 25 years, Jurlique has pioneered the use of potent botanical herbs and flowers, creating formulas using ingredients sourced from our farm, our native Australia, and around the world. Today, we combine a generation of expertise with the most up-to-date natural technologies to develop high performance, potent skincare for our customers.

This unique collection is offered for a limited time only.