Julia Zemiro Home Delivery: Ita Buttrose

Julia Zemiro Home Delivery: Ita Buttrose

Julia Zemiro Home Delivery: Ita Buttrose


Episode 9: Ita Buttrose
Wednesday July 29th at 9pm

Ita (no surname required) has been involved in the media since the age of 16. The daughter of an -old-school' journo and newspaperman, Ita takes Julia on a journey back to where she grew up in the garden wonderland of Parsley Bay in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

The only girl in a family of boys, Ita says that battling with her brothers stood her in great stead for mixing it with the men throughout her media career.

Ita and Julia visit the site of her original home and sit underneath the gum tree where she played as a child. She then takes Julia to her favourite spot by the bay where she reveals that her parents' marriage was a stormy one, and ultimately her mother was very unhappy. But she says it taught her a lesson about self-reliance and to not depend on others too much.

Then they visit what was once Dover Heights Home Economics School for Girls, now Rose Bay Secondary College, where, as they visit her old classrooms, Ita reflects on editing Cleo and the Australian's Women's Weekly. She reveals that she is still as passionate about journalism and broadcasting as she was as sixteen-year-old copygirl.
Joined by Ita's beloved dog, Cleo, they wander through Centennial Park where Ita talks about being single, public advocacy, her relationship with Kerry Packer, and her commitment to positive ageing.

Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder; Presenter and co-producer: Julia Zemiro. Director/Executive Producer: Damian Davis for Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder; Series Producer: Polly Connolly; (CJZ); ABC Executive Producer: Richard Huddleston; CJZ Executive Producer: Nick Murray; ABC Head of Entertainment: Jon Casimir.