Jinx is based on the successful series of books, The Lulu Baker Trilogy by Fiona Dunbar. A worldwide success, the books have been published in the USA, UK, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Eastern Europe, France and of course here in Australia.

Lulu Baker (Amber Beattie) is your typical teen but she has a very cool secret - she's the proud owner of a magic cook book. She can make her own gingerbread boyfriend for that school dance, she can create an extra-terrestrial to win the class debate on the existence of aliens, she can give her annoying 10-year-old stepbrother, Torquil (James Ainsworth), donkey ears by feeding him a cookie and she can make cup cakes that give her a bigger bra size. The possibilities are endless!

Life would be perfect, if it wasn't for the guardian of the book, Cookie (Chizzy Akudolu). Don't think sweet fairy godmother, think mischievous imp. She's the most frustrating keeper of magic ever. Then there's maddening Minty (Lucy Chalkley), Lulu's new step mum who wants to be Lulu's BFF and doesn't seem to notice that she is 35. So far so embarrassing...

Luckily Lulu has her true BFF, Frenchy (Gia Lodge-O'Meally), the only one who knows about the magic and the lovable but totally gullible, accident prone Chip (Ben-Ryan Davies). Together these three friends make crazy things happen.

Episode 1: Baker House Blend
It feels to Lulu as if her life can't get any worse when she is startled by the sudden appearance of an extraordinary magical visitor. Now it looks as if her life is always going to be filled with magic.

Episode 2: Dead & Butter Pudding
Lulu is babysitting her step-brother when he accidentally eats some magic bread and butter pudding and turns into a zombie. Lulu has to find a way to stop him, but all he wants to do is eat their brains.

Episode 3: Cookie Chips
When Lulu needs Chip's help for the school fashion show she has entered, he explains that he is just too busy with his homework, footy training and pizza delivery. Will Lulu's plan to bake four clones of Chip work?

Monday at 7:35am