In Our Name

In Our Name

In Our Name

Director: Chris Tuckfield
Genre: Documentary
Rated: PG
Running Time: 55 minutes

Can torture ever be justified? What if it could prevent a serious terrorist attack? What if it was your own child at risk?

Would you agree to the use of torture if you thought it might be the only way to save their life? In Our Name, a dramatised documentary, examines the morality of torture.

"The U.S is treating the world like its prison... like its battlefield... People are picked up on the streets of European cities, taken in a secret plane to eastern Europe, taken in another secret plane to Guantanamo... there's no accountability."- Reed Brody, Human Rights Watch.

In Our Name is an emotionally powerful and provocative investigation of torture post 9/11.

The film combines gripping re-enactments, interviews with leading commentators including Kenneth Roth (Human Rights Watch), Juan E. Méndez, (UN Special Advisor), Darius Rejali (expert on torture in democracies) and Australian philosopher Raimond Gaita to examine the nature of modern torture and the justifications given for its use.

Compelling interviews with torture survivors, poetry by renowned playwright Ariel Dorfman and music by Elena Kats-Chernin add to the significant emotional impact of the film. Ultimately the film asks to examine our own complicity when these brutal acts are committed in our name.

Chris Tuckfield: Chris is a 3 times Dendy Award winner and a graduate of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS). Chris also holds a Master of Philosophy from Cambridge University. Previous films have screened at major festivals including London, Cannes Forum, IDFA, Sao Paolo and HOTDOCS. Chris has won numerous awards in Australia and internationally for both drama and documentary.