In A League Of Their Own: The Finals

In A League Of Their Own: The Finals

On the Tiwi Islands, just north of Darwin, Aussie Rules is a religion. From the time they can walk, all young boys want to do is kick a ball. Fast, intuitive and exciting, football has become a Tiwi trademark with star players like the Riolis and Michael Long shining under the national football spotlight.

In A League Of Their Own is a three-part series that celebrates the passion and the brand of the Tiwi Bombers as they join the Northern Territory competition. With the aid of their assistant coach, the legendary Richmond player Maurice Rioli, the Bombers won most of their matches. But at the end of the season their fans were left asking "Just how good are they?"

In episode three, The Finals, a crisis looms large when the Bombers' previous invincibility eludes them. Too much drinking and not turning up for training has seen them slide from the unbeatable dream team to a ragged mob struggling to hold on to their spot in the finals.

When the Bombers make it to the second round of the finals their coaching staff, their supporters and their families are all on the edge of their seats wondering if they can pull off the dream of making it to the Grand Final in their first year of competition. It's a hair-raising ride and at the end of the day the players are the only ones who can determine their fate.

Message Stick: In A League Of Their Own: The Finals will be repeated on ABC2 - Monday, April 06, 2009 at 5:00pm