Imperial Leather Blue Lagoon

Imperial Leather Blue Lagoon

Imperial Leather Blue Lagoon


Celebrating the launch of the new Imperial Leather range of hand and body washes, the Imperial Leather Master Perfumers have released the 70 Years of Fragrance Report revealing the power of scent and identifying that our mood can often be influenced by how we smell.

From over 2,000 Australians surveyed in the report, an overwhelming 97% said they feel more confident when wearing a fragrance.

Two thirds of Aussies wear perfume or aftershave everyday, indicating that the simple process of applying a scent had an effect on their mood. Floral fragrances proved to be the most attractive scent with men voting it as their favourite scent for a partner and women feeling most attractive when wearing it.

Psychologist Sabina Read explains, 'fragrance is commonly linked to our mood and behaviour via learned emotional responses associated with smells and past experiences. If we smell roses while visiting a sick loved one in hospital, the smell may evoke sadness or grief; however if we first smell roses after giving birth, we will most likely associate that smell with feelings of joy and love. Therefore fragrance plays a powerful role in mood and emotion across the lifespan."

'Our mood and behaviour can also be directly influenced by the properties of individual odours. Research has found that fruity notes can be stimulating and evoke feelings of happiness, vanilla is linked most strongly to relaxation; and jasmine is a natural sleep aid."

Over half the nation (51%) have used the same fragrance for five years or more. That said, young Australians enjoy experimenting with new fragrances with 39% of 18-39 year olds trying a new fragrance every few months.

Understanding the power of fragrance to evoke memory and emotion, the Imperial Leather Master Perfumers were challenged to create a new fragrance range as classic as the original Imperial Leather scent that has been synonymous with the brand for the last 70 years.

Utilising their decades of training, fine craftsmanship and expert skill, the Imperial Leather Master Perfumers marry age-old fragrance traditions with cutting-edge technology to successfully transform raw ingredients into evocative new fragrances.

'Sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world, we've crafted a new range of hand and body wash scents to represent the five Imperial Leather fragrance families – classic, floral, fruity, citrus and gourmet," says Imperial Leather Master Perfumer, Michelle Penny.

'The result is a range that will not only look great in your bathroom but will appeal to the full spectrum of moods and emotions; from the gourmet No. 30 Tahitian Retreat to feel decadent and indulgent or the fruity No. 33 Forbidden Fruit to feel happy and refreshed."

The new Imperial Leather range, not only delivers the best exclusive fine fragrances, but all product formulations boast strong moisturisation properties with triple moisturisers and a rich, creamy lather to provide more people with more accessible luxury, everyday.

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