HotDoc adds COVID-19

HotDoc adds COVID-19


HotDoc, Australia's largest patient Engagement Platform has today announced updates to its software which will protect frontline health workers such as GPs, nurses and GP practice staff from COVID-19. This comes as Australia 35,000+ GPs and practice staff were faced with patients coming to their practice with COVID-19-like symptoms, putting practice staff and patients at risk. 

"In reaction to the changing situation and risks faced by our front line health staff in Australia, we added screening to the HotDoc app for patients who could be contagious for COVID-19," said CEO, Dr Ben Hurst.

"These changes mean GPs and practice staff are not unnecessarily exposed to COVID-19, ensuring more of our frontline staff are available to everyday Australians as they go about their lives"

HotDoc's Clinical Director, Magali De Castro, said the updated HotDoc app enables practices to easily and effectively screen patients for symptoms and epidemiological criteria for COVID-19 at the time a patient is making an online booking or even when confirming a previously booked appointment.

"These changes to the HotDoc app mean a clinic is in a much better position to educate patients, redirect them to a testing site or decide to manage them locally either in person by putting some additional infection control measures in place or via telephone or telehealth." said Magali De Castro, HotDoc's Clinical Director.

"We've made these changes to our app very adaptable so we can react to the changing situation and for example start giving patients the option to call the Government COVID-19 hotline instead of the clinic if Clinics start getting overwhelmed and we will be able to facilitate telehealth appointments for the rebate item to be announced today."

"The updated app, also adds screening steps to our in-clinic check-in kiosks for existing appointments, and an educational message to appointment reminders telling patients to get in touch via telehealth if they have symptoms rather than leaving the house."

HotDoc's Clinical Director, Magali De Castro added that at the moment, the most important thing we can do is educate patients on what to look out for in terms of symptoms, and on how to best engage with their GP clinic in a way that will stop the spread of infection.