Hollie Andrew Interview

Hollie Andrew Interview

Hollie Andrew

Hollie Andrew is extremely busy, she is currently shooting a new comedy sketch show called Double Take and filming a horror feature film. Double Take is a new comedy sketch show on Channel 7 and is directed by David McDonald.

Hollie performs in theater, musical theater, television and film. Hollie has stared in shows such as Life Support, Home and Away, All Saints and Anniversary. She was nominated for an AFI for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Somersault in 2006.

Tell me a little bit about your role in Double Take?

Hollie Andrew: As Double Take is a sketch comedy show - I am a part of a 7-person ensemble of actors, all of whom interchange between various roles and characters.

Is it a fun role to play?

Hollie Andrew: Comedy always proves to be a lot of fun - this show especially as you are getting to be something different each day. It's great to go between playing Beyonce on Wednesday, a guy in prison on Thursday and a So You Think You Can Dance contestant on Friday.

Is it hard to switch from theatre, musicals, television and film?

Hollie Andrew: I enjoy the challenge of switching between the types of performance. All of them have aspects that I both enjoy and am challenged by and I find that by being able to work 'across the board', my options of employment open up a lot.

Do you prefer performing live or recording film/television?

Hollie Andrew: I don't think much can beat the thrill and adrenalin that gets pumped through the body when performing live. The thrill of instantly receiving the audience responses to the story you are telling is addictive. However there are certain subtleties that only a camera can capture in a performance that I really enjoy exploring.

How do you feel when you watch yourself of the big screen?

Hollie Andrew: I still completely freak out seeing my work back, but if I am able to detach myself enough to not just sit there judging, then I can at least watch it once without squirming too much. I generally have a rule that I watch my work once and once only: enough of a glimpse to appreciate the stories I have told without having time to start being too critical.

Did you have any pre-conceived ideas about your industry?

Hollie Andrew: One of the things I love about this industry is that there aren't many absolutes. Anything is a possibility and pretty much anything can be achieved when the right parts of a team begin working well together. I am most excited about the projects that I am currently working on, where I get to switch between producer/actor/writer. The more accessible and the simpler editing programs and cameras become, the more our industry can be producing their own work and taking on the task of telling their own stories. I find that an exciting position for us all to be in.

Who was your inspiration to act?

Hollie Andrew: I have been a story teller for as long as I can remember - although I was convinced I would grow up to be Whitney Houston, for many years. When I began talking, I began entertaining anyone who would listen and soon realised that by saying funny things, people laugh and encourage you to keep going. Not much has really changed.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your success?

Hollie Andrew: Learning how to remain positive and keep moving forward in the 'down' times between gigs. We own a costume shop in Sydney (www.snogthefrog.com.au) - which is such a great thing to be able to re-visit. Also having several side projects on the go at any time helps to keep the momentum up and keeps your head in the game.

Quick Questions:
Car I want to own:

Hollie Andrew: Midnight blue Suzuki Vitara....not really sure why, have just always wanted one....

Car I own:

Hollie Andrew: A beautiful shiraz coloured Ford Festiva called Shiri. (She has a name so that I can plead to her to get me to the servo when I have forgotten to get fuel.)

I would never leave the house without?

Hollie Andrew: My keys. Done that one too many times.

On your wishlist?

Hollie Andrew: A production company, a beach house with a hammock overlooking the ocean, one pair of heels the same as Carrie Bradshaw and a decent coffee machine.

Prized Possession:

Hollie Andrew: My art.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning:

Hollie Andrew: I should really write that dream down....


Hollie Andrew is certainly a bright young Australian star on the rise, with her professionalcredits covering theatre, musical theatre, television and film. She has received acclaimacross the board for all areas of performance.

She is currently shooting a Channel 7 comedy series, DOUBLE TAKE (Fremantle Media) beforeheading to Hollywood in June 09 following invitations to meet with key Hollywoodstakeholders to discuss representation and auditions.

In 2004 Hollie was nominated for an AFI as Best Supporting Actress for her role as Bianca inthe feature film SOMERSAULT (Dir. Cate Shortland).

Television credits include CNNNN, LIFE SUPPORT, HOME AND AWAY, ALL SAINTS, SUPERNOVASERIES 1 & 2 (BBC) and the second series of DOUBLE THE FIST (ABC).

Stage credits are THE ADVENTURE OF SNUGGLEPOT AND CUDDLEPIE directed by Neil Armfield(Company B), WRONG TURN AT LUNGFISH (Ensemble Theatre), HAIR! (Production Company),JUMPING THE Q and 5th AT RANDWICK (Naked Theatre Company), THE LAST FIVE YEARS(Echelon Productions), and MUSIC BY MOONLIGHT CONCERT SERIES conducted by GeorgeEllis at Sydney Olympic Park.

Hollie's short film credits include; LOVE AND CONTEMPT (Jo Mitchell Productions), FINAL DRAFT(Housebound Productions), ANNIVERSARY (Michael Neild).

Hollie graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in 2002with a Bachelor of Arts (Musical Theatre) after completing an Honours Degree in Drama atFlinders University (SA) in 1999.

Her skills are extensive as a sensational singer, dancer, actor who also loves yoga, snorkelling,playing basketball and writing. Hollie loves performing and telling stories through comedyand drama, but is a big fan of suspense and action films and would love to combine heracting skills with her athletic ability in the next Jerry Bruckheimer or Joel Silver blockbuster.Hollie works with a strong network of writers, directors, producers and actors to actively buildplatforms to springboard projects. She is currently attached to two Australian films indevelopment in an acting/producing capacity.