Heritage Healers Water Wildflower Essence Remedy

Heritage Healers Water Wildflower Essence Remedy


25ml bottle with dropper

Water personas are sensitive, intuitive and creative.

Your personal Australian Wildflower remedy contains Goddess Grasstree, Macrozamia and Purple Nymph Waterlily.

  • Take morning and night (four drops under the tongue, hold for a moment then swallow) – ideally as you use your skin care products – to keep you looking and feeling fantastic!

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RRP: $24.00


Euphoria Anti-Ageing Complex

Revolutionary booster capsules deliver a pure and potent dose of Vitamins A, C and E plus CoEnzyme Q10.

These powerful antioxidants, together with Repair Complex CLR and green tea extract, deliver the ultimate anti-ageing moisturiser.

Size: 75g