Cell Gel

The Cooling Water-Based Hydrating Creme-Gelee by Herbs + Heart

Combining refreshing cucumber, soothing neroli, and the anti-ageing champion rose hip, this dose of Mother Nature refreshes, replenishes and revives tired skin.

HERBS + HEART's Cell Gel is a wonderful saving grace for skin that is stressed by the hot sun during summer months. Serving as a light, fast-absorbing hydrating moisturiser, the water-based formula allows the product to double as a soothing and cooling treatment for sun damaged skin. Acting as a powerful humectant that draws moisture from the environment back into the skin, Cell Gel plays a daily vital role in reinforcing the skin's hydration barrier while nourishing with essential vitamins and omegas to support collagen production, combat hyperpigmentation and resolve uneven skin tone. Pore refining and oil controlling, the Cell Gel is a sophisticated anti-ageing system perfect for all skin types.

Directions: Dispense a single pump of HERBS + HEART Cell Gel and massage between palms. Proceed to spread evenly on to a clean face in light tapping motions. Allow product to gently be absorbed for 1-2 minutes.
$29.99 RRP, 100ML