Hang With a Star

Hang With a Star

Do You Want To Hang Out With A Celebrity For $10?

Would you like to do karaoke with your favourite singer? Would you like to walk onto the sports field just before the big game starts? Would you like to cook with your favourite chef, then sit down together and eat?
Now you can!

Hang With a Star is Australia's first company that creates unique celebrity experiences, available to every single Aussie while raising money for the celebrity's charity of choice at the same time.

"People aspire to hang out with celebrities, so we wanted to create a platform that gave each and every Australian the opportunity to literally hang out with their favourite star.

"People go to fundraisers and often can't afford thousands of dollars to bid for celebrity prizes and experiences. We wanted to completely change this way of thinking and make these opportunities accessible for everyone", said Pete Derbyshire, Co-Founder, Hang With a Star.

People simply go to hangwithastar.com and donate as little as $10 to the celebrity's charity of choice. They will then be entered in the draw to win an unforgettable experience with their chosen celebrity.

The first campaign being run is with former Australian Cricket legend, Merv Hughes.

"I'm really excited to have teamed up with Hang With a Star to help raise funds for Variety- the Children's Charity. Every donation will also give someone and their lucky friend a chance to hang out with me at the 1st Test Match in Adelaide.

"They'll get flights and accommodation, meet and greets on the field, a behind the scenes tour, selfie opportunities on the pitch and food and drink in a VIP area", said Merv Hughes.

Outside of sport, Hang With a Star are looking forward to working with celebrities across all industries including music, fashion, food, business, TV and film. They'll be offering Australians some truly remarkable celebrity experiences, raising awareness, funds and making a difference for some great charities.

"We're thrilled to have launched with someone as iconic as Merv who everyone loves. He's absolutely hysterical and we know whoever wins this prize will have a spectacular day", concluded Derbyshire.

By offering once in a lifetime experiences, Hang With a Star want to unite the public, using the power of many to help make a positive change.