Hand Shield Liquid Gloves

Hand Shield Liquid Gloves
A breakthrough household barrier cream that easily protects agains many everyday skin contaminants including inks, paints, resins, adhesives and dyes, oils and grease, odours and a wide range of harsh chemicals - including caustic cleaning products.

Aimed at busy mums, dads and manual workers of all ages. Hand Shield Liquid Gloves, from Jungle Brolly provides cost effective protection of 4 hours or more with each easy application from a tube or pump bottle. Safe for all skin types - Hand Shield features mostly natural ingredients - including Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil - which penetrate and moisturize the skin leaving it non-greasy and well protected.

Quickly absorbed and completely invisible, Hand Shield does not impede mobility, sense of touch or block pores - making it ideal for work. Hand Sheild has been dermatologically tested.

Jungle Brolly creator, Sam Hanna, says Hand Shield is designed for use as a secondary form of skin protection for individuals who may be occupationally or domestically exposed to substances such as chemicals, harsh detergents, cleaning agents, disinfectants and water.

Importantly, he says, it is not a substitute for other forms of personal protective equipment or attire recommended under Occupational Health & Safety Administration requirements.

Hand Shield provides an invisible layer to help reduce irritant skin reactions under gloves and during perspiration.

There are numerous uses for this revolutionary product. It protects the skin from 100's of common irritants and skin abuses, and may be used to help prevent problems caused by constant exposure to rubber or latex gloves, such as contact dermatitis and eczema. It will protect against most contact allergies and prevents odours from petrol, solvents and food from penetrating the skin. It saves cleaning time after contact with irritants such as oil, paint etc, and avoids the cost of traditional barrier creams and cleansers. It gives temporary emergency protection from the effects of most acids, and is even gentle enough to protect a baby's skin from nappy rash.

Prior to release of the product in Australia, Jungle Brolly introduced Hand Shield to a wide range of trial users ranging from householders undertaking normal domestic duties to professional hairdressers working with potent dyes, motor mechanics regularly handling dirty oil and grease and kitchen hands chopping onion and garlic.

The test responses have been overwhelmingly positive with many users ecstatic at Hand Shield's highly effective protection agains skin contaminants and odours and the fact that, unlike traditional hand creams, Hand Shield Liquid Gloves only needs to be applied once every 4 hours or so and won't stop working even after repeated washings with cold soapy water.

Review: We put Hand Shield through some extreme testing ourselves with hairdressers (mixing dye), builders (using paints & chemicals), mums (paints & glues), plus even a cattle farmer (fertilisers & calving), all were extremely happy with the results and would recommend having it handy. A clever idea that has a thousand uses.

RRP: $25.99
Hand Shield Lipquid Gloves are available thorugh most good pharmacies and health food stores or online at www.junglebrolly.com.au