Should You Go For Gold When It Comes To Your Next Facial?

Should You Go For Gold When It Comes To Your Next Facial?

The latest celebrity beauty craze that promises glowing, youthful and revitalised skin literally is gold.

Victoria Secret Angels Elsa Hosk, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sara Sampaio, Miranda Kerr, and Irina Shayk have made the 24K Gold facial popular.

Dr. Anh has recently introduced this golden facial and royal treatment to her bevy of beauty and skincare services at her Dr. Anh Spa and Wellness clinics in Perth.

Dr. Anh says: "People have been using gold for both beauty and healing purposes since ancient times. Gold is an extremely soft metal. It is packed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is easily absorbed into the skin.24k Gold facials promote collagen stimulation, cell renewal, hydration and skin tightening."

Dr. Anh warns those digging around for gold facials to make sure they are the real deal. "Our 24K Gold Facial is touted for its high quality and pure ingredients. If you want the benefits it has to be the real mineral."

Gold was used in ancient Egypt for its healing and restorative power. Its anti-inflammatory properties increase collagen and elasticity.

Dr Anh concludes "24K Gold Facials prevent premature ageing, promote skin renewal, improve blood flow and slow collagen depletion. This facial is packed with anti-oxidants and rich minerals.

"The anti-inflammatory properties found in pure gold reduce redness. 24K Gold Facials slow down melanin secretion, brighten skin and increase skin hydration."

"We combine the facial with our own Dr Anh cleanser and Nutri Day Serum which was voted one of the Top 3 beauty products to buy in the media recently. We combine our 24K Gold Facial with our cleanser and Nutri Day Serum to ensure that skin receives a royal treatment that glows just like gold."