Gold Coast Lady Helps People Avoid Toxic Medications

Gold Coast Lady Helps People Avoid Toxic Medications

Gold Coast Lady Helps People Avoid Toxic Medications

A Gold Coast woman is on a mission to help people across Australia understand the principles of good health to avoid being a medical misdiagnosis statistic.

Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine president Mark Graber estimates diagnostic errors in Australia are 140,000 cases every year with 21,000 cases of serious harm and between 2000 and 4000 deaths.

'These errors cause appreciable suffering and harm everywhere," Mr Graber said.

Known as The Spirit Warrior, Liz Collett said she had heard of increasing numbers of people who had been having severe side effects from medication prescribed by doctors.

-Doctors are practicing on people because they're not in tune with people's specific body chemistry, which is as unique for each person as their fingerprints," Ms Collett said.

'From my own experiences, I refuse to take their advice as gospel."

Ms Collett found she had a gift communicating with spirit after -busting her knee open' when she slipped on a grape at Runaway Bay Shopping Mall in January 2013.

The well-known Gold Coast line dancing instructor of 22 years -was unable to dance for 12 months' and had a tension band wire criss-crossed through her knee bone with two pins in it for 8 months.

Her healing journey involved a slow one-year process of hospital visits and physiotherapy. This gave her an opportunity to connect with her angels and spirit guides, initially through a psychic circle. She then found that all her questions were being answered on health, wellbeing, business and future projections through the motions of a crystal pendulum.

'It's important to be aware of what we put into our bodies," Ms Collett said.

'Many people are suffering badly from toxic food, radiation, products etc and are being diagnosed with conditions like autism and ADD, which can be avoided and cured easily."

She will be running low-cost Awakening the World retreats in Queensland this year and is writing a book about her story called It's All About Me, which is due out later this year.

Her instructional line dancing DVDs, done in collaboration with musician Paul Fitz-Patrick, -Line Dance with Liz Collett', released in 2005, have sold to people in South Arica, the US, UK, New Zealand and Poland.

Her classes have attracted up to 120 people in venues like Southport Sharks, where she currently teaches, as well as William Duncan State School, Nerang. She has also taught at workshops across Australia, in New Zealand, China and Florida, US.

She is passionate about helping people get back in touch with themselves and embracing their power.

'Your angels and spirit guides are there to help with your problems. You need to take charge of your own life – stand up and say I'm not copping this. People will respect you more," she said.

She advises that people be aware of toxic medications that are often being given out by pharmacies.

'It's time for people to take responsibility," she said.

'We are in the Age of Aquarius now, good people will rise and have a voice."