Glamourflage Greets Mothers Day

Glamourflage Greets Mothers Day

Glamourflage Greets Mothers Day

When I was just a little girl,
I asked my mother, what does she want for Mothers Day
Will she like flowers, will she prefer cheesecake
Here is what she said to me.

Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be
I would love to be pampered by your daughterly love
Que Sera, Sera
Let it be Glam, be Glam.

After a steamy New Year's holiday, we are moving into a warm and loving season� Mothers Day is right around the corner. For Glamourflage, this is a big (huge�.yes huge) season for the motherly and daughterly love. We recommend our sensational products as fantastic Mothers Day gifts�..

Glamourflage Gift Set With Candle
Spoil Yourself!

What she is... A glamorous new gift set with all the your favourite Glamourflage products, all packaged in a beautiful box printed on the top and inside, set in velvet packaging and including a free citrus scented candle.
Glamourflage Gift Set With Candle Price: Varies dependent on contents, approx $60-80.00

Glamourflage Pamper Pack
Serious Fun... Serious Skincare!

What she is.... Make a fabulous gift with your favourite products: Raunchy Rosie Hand Cream, Luscious Lucy Face Cream and Mia Sublime Face Mask all packed together in a dazzling presentation pack!
Glamourflage Pamper Pack Price: $80.00The Glamourflage Gift Set with Candle and Glamourflage Pamper Pack is available from selected gift stores and boutiques across Australia. For stockists call 03 9867 5059 or check our website: