Win Fine Wines in a Box

Win Fine Wines in a Box

Enter for your chance to Win an UnBottled Wines Winter Release, Lighter Wines pack (Chenin and Cinsault) - valued at $170.


Bring on the Box! Foodies across Australia can delight; UnBottled Wines begins their seasonal delivery of fine boxed wines from June 2023.


Seasonally Curated, Fine Wines in a Box


Friend's since their son's started prep together at their local primary school 8 years ago, the idea for UnBottled came when the UnBottled Co-Founders Mike & Ann Marie realised they were both experiencing a similar pain – both wanting to enjoy ONE great glass of wine at night, not a whole bottle.


"We both love great food and wine. With younger kids at home, it's hard to get out as much as when we were child-free; so these days, we mainly 'fine dine' at home. But with that, came the pain of tipping out half-drunk bottles down the sink', states Mike.


Ann Marie agreed the idea had merit. 'I thought about my own cellar full of wine… and how often I can't justify opening a bottle because all I'm after is one glass. The last thing I want to do is tip half of a $45 bottle down the sink; but those are my options when I only want one glass. Don't open anything at all… or throw it out after it's gone bad a couple days later.'


The two realised that many Australian's love the idea of drinking great wine, but don't know where to start. So, Ann Marie, trained as a sommelier, is helping to curate a small quarterly selection of wines to enjoy for the season.


The wines ship at the start of each season and incorporate a little dose of wine education for those who wish to meet the winemaker and learn more about the wines they're enjoying.


'Each season, we travel to a new Australian region and showcase four wines from an acclaimed winemaker. Our Winter Release features wines from McLaren Vale's Brash Higgins and are wines that will pair particularly well to warm winter stews and roasts.'


Why BOX Fine Wine?


The box is a clever technology that reduces oxidation and keeps wine-fresh up to 40 days once opened.


"I figure I'm not the only one wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle and moderate their consumption, that also enjoys up-market wine. Our research shows premium wine brands across the world increasingly embracing the box. We figured someone's going to do it here in Australia, might as well be us!", Ann Marie continues.

"If seriously good wine goes in, then seriously good wine comes out," states Sommelier trained Ann Marie. "This may be the most expensive wine ever boxed; but it's ready to enjoy today – and we believe there are others out there like us who want to do better for the environment AND enjoy a GREAT glass of wine'.


At $85 a 2L box, it could be considered dear by many; but the two believe that those who know and enjoy really good wine; will be willing to trade off the bottle for the benefits of the box


Poised to deliver, UnBottled Wines will ship their limited boxed releases from acclaimed Australian (5 star) winery from June 1st.




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