Win Estás Bel Shapewear

Win Estás Bel Shapewear

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It is no secret Colombian shapewear is the best on the market. Estás Bel  have just launched new women's shapewear called fajas. The term "Faja" (Faha) originates from the Spanish language, meaning girdle, a compression garment. The purpose and function of the garment, is to cinch and shape the body, providing support and compression.


Aside from producing arguably the most comfortable and effective shapewear in the world Estás Bel's shapewear is


·       Made from Medical grade fabric Powernet.  Unlike traditional shapewear power net Fajas do not expand with use which makes them high quality and highly effective, reduce up to three dress sizes and regular use fajas  can help to redefine curves in a safe and more natural way.


·       100% Colombian-Fajas originated from Colombia, to be used as medical grade compression after surgery. Due to their effectiveness, fajas have evolved from their medical origins to everyday use by everyday women who want to have a more defined waistline and contoured body, they are firmer and stronger than any other shapewear on the market.


·       Tailor make compression levels -Fajas have different levels of compression, Unlike traditional shapewear you can tailor make your compression levels from low,  medium, high and very high.


·       Fashionable and comfortable,  Estás Bel fajas and girdles are created with style, comfort and your body's health in mind to help you hide bulges caused by tight garments, enhance the bust area, and provide the "butt-lift" effect that many women are looking for.


·       Highest  quality and textile technology ,  our shapewear is made from the highest quality textile techonology, which is highly effective for shapewear. Powernet is a  breathable  anatomical mesh combined with hypoallergenic fabrics  infused with vitamin E which is moisturising, nourishing  and toning to the skin.


·       Inclusive- Estás bel is re-defining the nude by aspiring to raise the bar for representation and inclusivity with our innovative skin-tone inclusive shape wear.


·       Butt-lifting capabilities – at Estas Bel we are always ahead of the trends and understand women's needs. Our Fajas gives you a smaller waist and lifts your butt, giving it a more defined peachy shape butt.


·       Versatile – apart from everyday use, fajas have lots of health benefits which makes them more valuable, they can be worn for post partun recovery, weightloss and while exercising, because they provide support to your abdomen, pelvis and back which in turn improves posture. Making them the ideal solution to having a lifestyle full of control and comfort.


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