Giuliana and Bill Season 3

Giuliana and Bill Season 3

Giuliana and Bill Season 3

Style's hit series Giuliana & Bill, which takes viewers inside the real-life marriage of celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic, is back for its most emotionally revealing season to date. Documenting the lives of this always-on-the-go couple, the series follows the highs and lows of their long distance marriage. Despite demanding careers that often keep them apart, the news of Giuliana's long sought after pregnancy makes them more united than ever. The couple immerse themselves in prepping for the birth of their child by settling on a nesting place and sharing their news with friends and family. Sadly, their joy is short lived when Giuliana suffers a heartbreaking miscarriage, putting the couple's commitment and love for each other to the ultimate test.

The first two seasons of Giuliana & Bill introduced viewers to the whirlwind lifestyle of this couple, and nothing has been off limits. They have logged thousands of air miles as they established homes in both Chicago and Los Angeles, blended their respective friends and families, and carved out time for themselves whenever schedules permitted. With Giuliana's career flourishing on "E! News" and E!'s "Fashion Police" and Bill's success as a renowned motivational speaker, they decide they are ready to start a family. However in season two, the pair faced some difficult facts after unsuccessfully trying to conceive and going through a demanding fertility process that was extremely difficult on Giuliana. In an emotional season two finale, Giuliana and Bill were left deciding whether to pursue in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Season three opens with Giuliana and Bill deciding to move forward with IVF treatments. The process takes a physical and emotional toll on Giuliana but the couple is thrilled when they discover the procedure worked. Giuliana is pregnant. The couple throws themselves into preparing for the birth of their first child, including deciding to make Chicago their home and buy a house in the suburbs. But their dream house is a renovation nightmare and the stress of dealing with construction and skyrocketing costs creates tension between the couple. Then, in a tragic turn of events, Giuliana suffers a miscarriage.

Throughout this poignant and emotionally gripping season, Giuliana and Bill attempt to come to terms with their loss. Bill immerses himself into the project of renovating their new house while Giuliana seeks the help of a therapist to cope with her pain. In an effort to reestablish a sense of normalcy and to reignite the romance in their lives, the duo takes a road trip in a massive RV where a psychic predicts their future with or without children. Although the healing process is long, laughter proves to be the best medicine on this road trip with the funny but dreaded gas station bathroom breaks and a few quirky tourist attractions. In addition, the couple is penning a book about marriage with stories, secrets and advice from their personal married life experiences which adds yet another demand on their precious time together. However, even through their smiles and celebrations, the gripping real-life drama and heartbreak caused by their devastating loss threatens to tear them apart as they try to figure out if they'll give IVF another chance.

The vows of for richer or poorer and in sickness and in health have never been more meaningful than they are now.

Review: Giuliana and Bill is a heart warming show which guarantees that every viewer will be smiling at the couples bickering and their undeniable chemistry. Giuliana is lovable because she is quirky, inspiring and successful whilst Bill is slightly more serious and professional.

It is cute to see how loving and supportive the couple is of each other proving that true love is attainable.

My favourite part? When the couple disagrees with each other whilst being interviewed separately and together, the look Giuliana gives Bill is hilarious!

From season one audiences have been through Giuliana and Bill's ups and downs from weddings, family meetings, building their first home and trying for a baby. Season 3 is sure to be moving and more emotional than ever before; it has me wondering what will season three bring for these two lovebirds?
-Brooke Hunter

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