Introducing G&M Cosmetics

Introducing G&M Cosmetics

Introducing G&M Cosmetics – 100% Australian Made Skin Health Remedies

Founded in 1996 by Zvonko Jordanov, G&M Cosmetics has been taking care of Australia's skin health for over 22 years with its natural skincare ranges. Manufactured locally in Sydney, G&M Cosmetics sources nourishing ingredients from the Australian landscape to produce superior skincare products with gentle effective formulations for both adults and kids. The certified organic skincare brand has become renowned for its affordable, high quality natural products in Australia and the Asia Pacific. In March 2018 it was voted the Most Trusted Australian Brand in China, according to Monash University's new ABC (Australian Brands in China) Index.

G&M Cosmetic's core ranges include Native Australian, Dr. V, Australian Creams and Australian Creams MKII.

Native Australian
Native Australian is G&M Cosmetic's premium range offering sophisticated, highly concentrated formulations containing Australia's unique aboriginal ingredients and most effective natural 100% oils such as Emu and Macadamia Oil. The range contains restorative Lanolin-based lotions, luxury day and night creams in Lanolin, Goats Milk and Kakadu Plum variations, and pure oils such as Lavender and Rosehip. Suitable for a variety of skin needs, the range is paraben and mineral oil free, and artificial fragrance and colour free. Native Australian products are available in airports, health stores and souvenir and gift stores. RRP of Native Australian starts from $29.99.

Dr. V
The Dr. V range is G&M Cosmetic's Derma Pharmacy range, specifically developed for sensitive and problem skin to soothe, restore and provide a natural and delicate solution for bathing and moisturising. It features a range of gentle lotions and body washes suitable for infants through to the elderly, which are especially ideal for those suffering with skin conditions. All Dr. V products are made from natural botanical and vegetable based ingredients and are free from petrochemicals, parabens, formaldehydes, sulphates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and artificial colouring. The range is endorsed and approved by the Eczema Association of Australia (EAA) and is available at pharmacies in-store and online, and at health stores and practitioners. RRP of Dr. V starts from $12.99.

Australian Creams
Australian Creams is G&M Cosmetic's base range developed for everyday face and body use. The moisturising lightweight formulas have quick absorption rates and are excellent value for money. The range features twelve different cream variations: Lanolin Day & Night, Emu Oil, Goats Milk with Manuka Honey, Vitamin E Skin Repair, Sorbolene, Macadamia Oil, Avocado Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Kakadu Plum, Tea Tree and Lemon Tea Tree. Australian Creams are available in a range of sizes at supermarkets and discount department stores. RRP of Australian Creams starts from $2.99.

Australian Creams MKII
The Australian Creams MK II series is a sophisticated range of the Australian Creams with superior formulations enhanced with Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oils. The range is paraben free and mineral oil free, and is available in pharmacies and health stores. RRP of Australian Creams MKII starts from $4.99.

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